Is this the final copy?

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I hope so! I have been asked by our church ministry to design our logo for some portable Advertising Signs. I have been at this for a month or more. Every time I present a new update they want me to change a small minor detail.
Other people think it looks wonderful the way it does.
So I come here seeking advice from some more professional graphic designers and sign makers who have a little more experience in the field.
After you take a look at my design logo please tell me what you like about the design. What you don't like about the design and what needs to be changed?
Thank you very much for your opinions,


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Looks really bad, being honest. Photoshop is not the right tool for this.

I would change absolutely everything about it.


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Ditto the above. There are so many things wrong with it we wouldn't know where to start.

Either find a designer or Google 'simple poster design' and find some inspiration or simply find a template on Word etc.


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The next bits of this reply WILL be harsh and you may not like the comments:

Honestly that looks like it was designed with word art, actually I think I could do better using word art.... There is literally nothing right with that image.

Now seeing as you have a more 'business name' for the forum I'm going to be blunt...if you're being paid to do it, give them the money back, you shouldn't be taking money from someone for that level of work, it's insulting to the client let alone designers. If you're not being paid then the client would be better off finding someone else to do it who actually knows what they're doing.
I've seen some really, really awful flyers, but this is definitely one of the worst I've ever seen. If you bring this to the print shop, they will laugh at you when you leave. Please pay someone who knows what they're doing. Or at least use a template!!


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I certainly hope nobody laughs at this. At the end of the day someone took the time to create something and that has to be acknowledged that the effort is there. It's not to our tastes, but it seems to be on the lines of what the client wants.

I certainly hope we can all remember that we once had to start somewhere.

In this instance, the flyer isn't good, it's not readable, the colours are gaudy and the whole thing with the distorted text - it all looks completely disjointed. I would start over, tone down the rainbow gradients and distorting text. The effect on the hands in the back is ok - but either go further with it or don't do it and come up with another way to show the hands in a more pleasant way.

Hope that helps.


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As the OP said:

I have been at this for a month or more. Every time I present a new update they want me to change a small minor detail.
I've personally been there quite a few more times than I'd like to have been.

When working for some organisations it becomes a "Design By Committee" scenario where everyone suddenly becomes a design critic and wants to have their say.

I've found this to be worse when doing it a s favour rather than payment.
On looking at the image, even one of the files is called "PFO again.psd".

If this is the case and the client has directed it this way then give them what they want and learn from it as you'll not be able to turn it around now.

My advice would be to use the K.I.S.S rule "Keep It Simple Stupid" in future and avoid bending text, using too many different fonts and using rainbow gradients on them as this makes it way too busy and distracts from its legibility.

Design app's give you the ability to throw all sorts of effects at text but this doesn't mean they should be used but I guess most of us probably have at one point. ;)