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iPhone photography

(**Gregg merge this with the iphone photography thread if there is already one here, am sure I saw it but i've looked and cannot see it. Maybe I saw it somewhere else?**)

Hi guys, I was at autosport international this weekend in Birmingham and took a few decent shots on my iPhone that I thpught I would share. Anyone esle go? If so let me see what you've got.

Dodge Viper SRT - 10 (They guy started the car and it sounded amazing, he also set off all the car alarms in the NEC with the sound)

Nisaan 370z

Brawn F1 Car (2009 Car of Jenson Button that won the F1 World Championship)

Mclaren F1 MP4-24 (2009 Season Model)

Art Work From A Honda S2000

Nisaan GTR R35

Modified Ford Focus RS

If you would like to see all of the photos then they are all uploaded on my facebook. I am going to create a blog for them all too so watch out for them here. Add me on FB if you want to take a look guys. Hope to see some more.
allyally2k said:
Not bad for an iphone camera... some nice angles, i like the Nisaan GTR R35!
There was a few GTR's there, there was a specialed one that had a chassis extention, I think I got it on my matex camera Ill get hold of it, it was really nice!
oh and thanks for the comment Harry, I'm well into my photography I just dnt have a decent camera at the moment, I'd like a new one. I love the iphone camera definatly for lose up shots like this one but they aint really any good for long decents unless theres something direct to hit in the shot..
Ferrari with Lambo's

This was the Nissan GTR R35 that had a longer, strengthend chassis to support the torque, lovely car! However its not a great picture! My mate obviously aint as good as me at taking photos:p

Finally this one (Me sat in the Nissan GTR R35 XD)



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1 ) Lunch!!!

2) Wedding at Blickling Hall

3) French Alps

4) Sunset after UK snowkite session

5) Plymouth view

6) Sunrise

7) Wild Sunset

8) Sunset Blakney Norfolk



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Thanks! Some of the Pro photographs from that day were amazing! The location was unreal, and the weather perfect! Glad you liked shot :)