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Information sheet illustrations

Discussion in 'Illustration Forum:' started by gprovan, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. gprovan

    gprovan Member

    Hi All,

    I've to create a few illustrated information sheets much in the style of the thing you'd get on an aeroplane.
    There will probably be several human figures in different poses and situations with equipment.

    As it's in an illustrative/diagram style would anyone know of a good source of (preferably free) illustrated figures so that I don't have to draw every single pose?

    Thanks :icon_smile:
  2. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Finding a set of different illustrated figures already in the exact poses that you need will be hard to find...especially if you don't want to pay either.
  3. gprovan

    gprovan Member

    I suppose like most people I like to explore the free options first. But of course a paid repository would be my next option and would no doubt pass the cost on to the client. You're right about finding it difficult to get the exact poses. Another option I could try would be Poser or something like that but it's probably still a bit of work considering I'm not that familiar with it.

    Would you know of any figure libraries, paid or otherwise? They don't have to be illustrations as I'll probably have to outline them to suit the style of the pack.
  4. Wardy

    Wardy Well-Known Member

    Like Boss says, you'll find it difficult to find exactly what you need off the shelf, pm me if you need a price.

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