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Industry accreditations


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Hello All,
I would really do with your help.
So, long story short, I am working on adverts redesign for a client 'from hell'. Its suppose to be a quick one evening job for a friend of a friend. So I, please don't be too harsh on my, didn't sign any contract. It's totally impossible to get an information I need from him, etc. etc. But what worry me the most is - He wants to include industry accreditations on the adverts to which, as I've found out (by emailing the guilds for a vector logos) doesn't have a right to use (!). Also, I've started wonder if he does have a license to use photos he provided me before (they have been used in his previous adds so I assumed I do not need to ask about it).
Should I try to get things right, have an honest conversation or just walk away?
Thank you


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Tell them you're a professional and they're not being professional.

If you're still ok doing work that is potentially dodgy, insist on double the fee and get it up front.
Also, make sure your name is not associated with it in any way.


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You (or at least the client) can end up paying quite heavily for using unlicensed images.

A company I worked at used or re-used one they shouldn't have and got a bill from Getty for £1200.
They apparently have algorithms for scanning the web and detecting them. o_O


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Thank you guys! I will talk to them for the last time. I would never agree to do some dodgy job, especially that I am just at the beginning of my freelance journey. Working as a part of in-house graphics department was a lot easier! Now I feel like spending my time, not on design, but explaining to people obvious things over and over again.
I would suggest if you are going to continue, make a contract and include a paragraph mentioning that you have no responsibility for the choices and the copyright of the material, the company has provided you. My lawyer claims it's enough to save you from trouble. However, I would take legal advice from at least 3 lawyers.