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In need of companies that Print

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by mogambo, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. mogambo

    mogambo New Member

    does any one know of any good printing firms

    used SOLOPRESS in the past and they are useless in every sense of the word- rude, clueless and unprofessional
  2. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

  3. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Peter, loads of other good printers on here too...who I am sure will be along shortly.
  4. neildigital

    neildigital Member

  5. Print-365

    Print-365 Member

    And i'll throw my hat in as well
  6. garlex

    garlex Member

    Try us, we print using digital print so can't compete with litho for high volumes, but anything up to a couple of thousand you will find us very competitive and you'll be happy with the quality. if you want samples let me know.
    We can also provide personalisation for direct mail using variable data printing.

    We've been in business since 1989 and are ISO accredited for quality and environmental certification.
  7. impress_hon

    impress_hon New Member

    I like to throw the Impress hat into the ring.

    We are a B2 Printer with a Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74 and can handle all sorts of Print Jobs :) for a quote!

    Kind regards,

  8. CheapLeaflets

    CheapLeaflets New Member

    Ah, who can resist a little self promotion!

    You can easily work out all sorts of print prices via our website, then use them to compare with other printers if you need to. We are also happy to talk to you about your requirements by phone if you prefer.
  9. mandb

    mandb New Member

    m and b print

    Good Afternoon,

    I would like to introduce m and b print:-

    M and B Print are a family run company with over 70 years experience, we offer litho graphic, digital and print design service and can print anything from business cards, to banners.
    our proof reading service is complementary and all orders are delivered free of charge.

    Please check out our website M & B Print - Colour Printers in Loughborough, Leicestershire, East Midlands, we look forward to hearing from you with any quotation requests you may have.

    Kindest Regards

  10. neartone

    neartone New Member

    Neartone Colour Printers Ltd.


    Who can turn down a chance like this to throw a bit of advertisement out :)!

    We are a high quality printing company, which operates all over the country. We can provide with a ahuge range of products on a large range of size, material and colour.

    Check all of this out on our brand new website at Neartone Printers | Flyers | Posters | Business Cards | Brochures, and use our price calculator to help with your budget and to find exactly what you're looking for.

    We look forward to hearing any quotes from you, which can be done online or over the phone.

    Kind Regards,

    Joshua Priestley

    Neartone Colour Printers Ltd.
  11. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Well-Known Member

    I don't print :)
  12. Pol

    Pol New Member

  13. neartone

    neartone New Member


    We are a high quality printing service situated in Hucknall, Nottingham, who operate all over the country.

    We have a brand new website which you can check out at Neartone Printers | Flyers | Posters | Business Cards | Brochures. We have our very own instant price calculator which you can use to check the exact prices for your printing needs. These prices are very competitive and we have a very wide range of size, material and colour available.

    Check out the website now for a quote today :).

    Kind regards,

    Neartone Colour Printers Ltd.
  14. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

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