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I need a Logo!

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. New Member

    Hi all,

    My website is nearing completion and I just cannot put together a design I like. So I need a logo for my website. My website is almost nearing completion and I just feel that a really well designed logo would set off the whole site.

    The website is:

    From That Shop

    The website will be going live on the 29th of November, but ideally I would like the design completed asap.

    The website will be stocking gadgets and toys.

    My only brief for the logo is that it must fit into the colour scheme or use the colours on the website. It must also have a an emblem for branding that can be used as a favicon, letter head or on vehicle vinyls etc etc etc. Similar to how McDonalds have the M or Pizza Hut have the image of the hut as their logo. The logo must also represent what will be sold on the website.

    I am willing to pay for anyones services. The person with the strongest CV gets the job. Although, if you were to post designs of the logo up here I will more than likely buy whatever I see if I like it, even from multiple different designers.

    Once again the site is From That Shop

    Can anyone help?

    Please respond below.

    Thanks a lot
  2. blackonwhitedesign

    blackonwhitedesign New Member

    I have sent you a PM

  3. mmi09

    mmi09 New Member

    I have sent a PM
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2010
  4. av:creative

    av:creative New Member

    I have sent a PM
  5. james.walters

    james.walters Member

    PM'ed you :)
  6. JackKnight

    JackKnight New Member


    Did you get my design? Let me know if you require my services.
  7. SparkCreative

    SparkCreative Member

    Don't do that. You're giving away your work for free, and probably not putting as much time and effort into it as if you were working on a paid job. (If you are, you shouldn't be). If you've done logos before, show him those. If you haven't, do some for yourself.
  8. JackKnight

    JackKnight New Member

    It was just a quick low res example of what I could do for him if he hired me. I've got examples of logos on my website which I also gave him a link for.

    I don't give my work away for free but I didn't see the harm in a quick example so he could see my style etc.

    If I were being paid I would have put time and effort into it, although even without the time and effort I would have hoped to have recieved some kind of reply from him by now. It's mildly disheartening when you don't even get a "message recieved" or anything like that. Might as well be whistling into the wind.
  9. Ian Bonner

    Ian Bonner Member

    But you wouldn't have given him something that you didn't like or you wouldn't have sent it in the first place. You might not have received a reply because you sent him an idea, if you know what I mean.
  10. JackKnight

    JackKnight New Member

    Yup that's true.

    There's every possibility he's nicked my idea and ripped me off. But honest to god what can a guy do, I spend my days bidding for work on every freelance type site I can lay my hands on. Over and over again pitching for jobs amongst tens of hundreds of other artists desperately selling themselves out and uncutting each other in the hopes of maybe, MAYBE, one day, having someone turn round and actually HIRE you.


    It's more than a little disheartening to say the least. Every day you have to pick yourself up again and think maybe if I trimmed a little off my quotes, maybe if I included a free sample...maybe, maybe, maybe...

    But still nothing. Not a damn thing.
  11. Ian Bonner

    Ian Bonner Member

    I do understand where you are coming from, we've all been there. Unfortunately this is the nature of the beast. You have to let them know what you can do, then forget it otherwise you will drive yourself mad.

    Because you were so keen you might have also given them the impression you don't have much work on, which again could work against you.

    It's not easy pitching but sometimes you just have to wait for them to come to you. We live and learn.
  12. JackKnight

    JackKnight New Member

    I can't help but think I'm doing something wrong somewhere, no matter what approach I try I can't seem to make any headway. I've tried waiting for people to come to me, approaching people, raising my prices, lowering my prices.

    I don't know if splurging on advertising would help, but I can't and won't afford to take that risk anyway so it's a moot point.

    It would be awful if it was simply because I was just no darn good at what I do, but at least it would explain where I've been going wrong all these years.
  13. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Upload it and let us have a look...
  14. kovah

    kovah New Member

    Jackknight: Freelancing is HARD! its very very hard when you are starting out have little to no experience and no background from a studio. Without seeing your work and if you are spending time pitching on forums etc I would imagine your portfolio isnt up to scratch for what people are looking for.

    But sending ideas without being paid is the reason its so difficult for a lot of people to get the first paid jobs and is decidedly unprofessional and shows that you are an amature and would therefore be potentially cheaper but they arent garuenteed a good logo at the end of it or a smooth relationship that they would get with a professional.

    ps. Sorry for hijacking this thread and leaving this post hanging abit, i need to go for my driving lesson.
  15. New Member

    Hi Jack,

    I always give feedback on designs. Espiecially when someone is decent enough to put the time and effort into creating something like you have. :icon_smile:

    Its taking me a while to get around to responding to everyone as I am very business selling Toys and Gadgets for Christmas at the moment. Its a really busy time!

    The reason why unfortunately I'm not at this stage interested in your design is because I don't feel like it addresses the brief or represents what From That Shop is in anyway....

    I haven't been blown away by any designs so far though mate, so if you read the brief and give it another go I'd still be interested. I like heart and it sounds like you got a lot of it. What are your fees?

    In case you guys feel I'm being a bit harsh, I guess I just really didnt understand his design... I've added it below...

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2010
  16. Ian Bonner

    Ian Bonner Member

  17. JackKnight

    JackKnight New Member

    I don't know if my portfolio is or isn't up to scratch, I always hope it is and I'm always updating it and fiddling with it in the hopes of making it better. I don't want to come across as an amature either! I spent a long time applying for jobs without including samples, then I tried by including examples in general and then job specific examples in the hopes of finding some kind of formula or technique that would work. Thusly all I seem to be getting is "we like your work but you're just not right..." "unfortunately we're not looking for anyone right now" "It's just not our style." etc etc etc.

    *bangs head on desk*
  18. JackKnight

    JackKnight New Member

    Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate that.

    I went primarily on the basis of you saying your only brief for the logo is that it should match the colour scheme or use the colours from the website. So that was my first and main concern and something I made sure I covered. You also added that you'd like it to be an emblem that could be used for branding so I kept it quite simple, just a thumbs up symbol.
    Lastly you added that it should represent something from the website, I reasoned that images of gadgets, gizmos or currently fashionable toys would both quickly look dated and be difficult to carry across as an emblem which was your second specification so I thought that your site being "from that shop" it's informal, it's friendly, it's people chatting amongst themselves, getting what they need 'from that shop', job done, thumbs up!

    My fees vary from job to job depending on what's required, for logos I usually charge around £80 which includes some draft ideas, discussions and then fine tuning a couple of them so you get a about two to pick from in the end.

    If you wanted to work with me on this then I can follow your specifications to create whatever it is you like for your website and be able to devote some real man hours on the project. :)
  19. av:creative

    av:creative New Member

    The trouble with these forums is that everyone is basically giving away there work for free, whether that is doing work speculatively or charging very, very low prices and that is why businesses post jobs on forums such as this because they create a dutch auction and that means the only people who win is the business posting the job.
  20. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    I know it's crazy to be honest, we do our best to ensure that all posts for work requests are in return for payment in hard cold cash but never thought designers would just offer work for free!

    No offence but I have to be honest, the logo offered is extremely poor, even for something knocked up for free in 5 minutes.

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