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How to streamline this process

I've to create an 8m banner which shows 100 books on a bookshelf. The client has given me a list of the books to be featured so I've got to create all of these books and show the name and author on the spines.

Can anyone think of any efficient ways to go about this?
Using Illustrator at the moment, but could use anything that works .
I've started by creating the book spines in Illustrator like the attachment. It's the adding the text and styling them all differently that I can't be bothered doing manually.
Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 12.29.16.png


Staff member
Oh right - you already started with the book covers, I was thinking of something a lot simpler in terms of the styles of the books...

hmm.. Illustrator has a very unfriendly variable data sets.

I can't think of a quick and dirty way out of this for you, unfortunately.


Staff member
I had to do almost the same thing recently for a library mural.
There's not really a way of automating it really but there's a few things that could speed it up a lot.

If you draw a few books in a row of different sizes and styles all flat on and not tilted and set a path of type on the spine.
Then you can duplicate them and pull the books a bit to alter the size, mirror them to make them less of a repeat pattern. Click to change the colours and alter the titles and fonts.
Then just angle a few and add a few piled on their side here and there to break it up so it's not regular.

Seems a big deal to do 100 books but if you duplicate and tweak them it makes it much quicker.