How to make this art?


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Yes, I know, but I'm having trouble finding that kind of paper.
I thought of simulating this granulate with an effect type in the file.
Is it possible to have something like that?


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Actually, it's a 3d render, I've made them myself, as for the texture that might be more difficult to reproduce but if I was desperate, I would use photoshop to produce the texture, I just did the attached by using the picture you have supplied, not perfect but a good start.


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as for the texture that might be more difficult to reproduce
(LeonardoS I'm referencing 3D not illustrator here) It looks a lot more complicated than it actually is, it's actually fairly simple to reproduce but it does depend on the software being used... you've got a very subtle 'noise' filter applied to the background colour to give the variation and then there's also a 'smoke' (doesn't look like a another noise texture to me) texture applied as a low depth bump map. They might have also used a subtle gloss as well to give the top of the texture bump maps a little shine.

You can simulate the effect fairly closely (albeit flat) in photoshop by utilising film grain and/or noise filters and using it as a layer style over a base colour (colour burn etc) at a low opacity.


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I understood, it really is not as simple as I thought, so I ended up thinking about another background pattern, but thank you very much for all the tips and considerations.