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How long does a web design take?


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it probably takes me somewhere between an hour and 2 hours depending on the amount of content to do most of a front page then i would do a couple of 10 min edits
Cris, I meant in terms of an average is just that, I appreciate some might take longer than others, down to many factors, e.g. working within existing brand guidelines, how creative / corporate the design is, what the client is like, how clear the client is on what they want. I was just trying to get a feel for how long it takes others to design sites.


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maybe it's just me... but if this is what you do for a living shouldn't you have an idea of this already?
How long is a piece of string. It could be anywhere between a few hours, to a few days or more.. It really depends on the level of design, brief and budget.


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Well our timeline is 2 weeks from the design meeting before they get 2 home page designs.
That also factors in other work load as to be honest very rarely do we do a design in a day and go there you go. I know if I do one I'll do it and then leave it for a day or 2 look at it and go actually that would look better like.....and make what tends to be minor adjustments before sending it for the client to chose.

Personally, IE outside of work, I look at 4 days, as above, but then I only do 1 design. :)


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in my limited experience I generally come up with the psd proofs in about two to four hours.

The actual coding to css etc will generally take 4-6 hours max and then the content takes about two hours or so.

I discuss with the customers a complete different approach always give three days for concept design and two weeks for the development of it but as the sites get better and more involved I generally stipulate a phase 1 phase 2 approach to ensure that the customers expectations are always managed?
I agree with a1digitalmedia, time scale depends on many many things. Once you've done a fair number of projects you should know how long things generally take you to do and can base your estimates off of that. I've had projects that I've completed from start to finish in a single day where as others can take up to a month to complete.
Some can do this in 3 days or in 1 week but it is most important thing that how it looks like....Anybody who is very efficient in designing can design very good layout in 1 day...
Between working with the client, designing the mockup, getting their approval, then coding, it can take more than a week or two for some. But I'm also not doing this full time. I have another full time job that's unrelated to design.