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Help with flyer design

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by leeburrows85, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. leeburrows85

    leeburrows85 New Member

    Please help

    I have designed a flyer using paint (uploaded picture & added text to it) and I have sent it to the printing company to have printed.

    They have requested that I re-send the artwork @ 300 dpi. Am I able to do this using paint? The flyer is a really simple design.

    Thank you

  2. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Lee

    Welcome to the forum.

    Not sure about paint to be honest, how simple is the artwork because I can maybe sort it out for you although this doesn't help you in the future, have you paid the printer yet?
  3. leeburrows85

    leeburrows85 New Member


    Thank you for the prompt reply.

    This forum looks good, I am in the process of finding a website designer for a new project I'm working on and I think this forum will help me lots.

    I will not be looking to design flyers in the future (this is for my other half’s business)

    Could I possibly send you the artwork to see if you could have a look?


  4. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    I've sent you a PM.
  5. freshinkdesign

    freshinkdesign New Member

    Printers can be a pain and only accept certain formats, update the card in photoshop and resend.
  6. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    We only accept certain formats so the customer gets a high quality finish, I wouldn't say that is being a pain!

    If I print your A6 Flyer at 72dpi and it looks terrible you will complain to me and say why didn't you tell me this would happen, hence, by only accepting certain formats that adhere to strict specifications ensures this problem doesn't arise...saving the customer money in the long run!
  7. Pixels Ink

    Pixels Ink Member


    Having been a printer in the past if you don't specify strict guidleines a job can turn out to be a right pain in the arse and actually make the printer a loss due to all the fannying about with MS Word / Publisher / PowerPoint / insert other generic document here!

    We all work to make money, and by giving guidelines a printer saves not only themselves hassle, but also saves the client a whole lot of heartache!
  8. LovesPrint

    LovesPrint Member

    I must say as a graphic designer for a print company I was banging my fists on the desk in frustration at the 'pain,' comment, but was much soothed by the replies given. Right on!:icon_thumbup:
  9. freshinkdesign

    freshinkdesign New Member

    finding the right printer and building a relationship with them will help your business and production time so printers who cannot convert a paint file into hard copy are a joke.its a simple task and now the lad has to waste time.
  10. LovesPrint

    LovesPrint Member

    I don't think it's a case of can't really, it's more a case of getting the best finish for the client.
  11. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Yep exactly, as well as this in order to offer competitive prices we need to cut out all the time consuming jobs to streamline the printing process. Only excepting print ready artwork means that turnaround times are quicker and we don't have to employ anybody to alter artwork etc, this keeps our costs down and we pass this saving onto the customer.

    Surely he would rather waste his time for free than me charge him for mine?
  12. Pixels Ink

    Pixels Ink Member

    I'm always amazed when clients get shocked when I tell them I will have to charge them for converting files into a press ready print format. It may only take half an hour or it may take a lot longer if images are low resolution etc.

    Now imagine if you are a busy designer/ print house and you get 4 or 5 of those a day.....
  13. harveyn

    harveyn New Member

    It's not so simple. It is not a print ready package so it does not have these options. The resolution is too low for print, it would be all pixelated. The design would have to be started again in Photoshop or Coreldraw at 300dpi.

    (or I could do it for you ;)

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