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Has anyone seen this logo before?

Hi everyone.

My client is a personal trainer that is looking to start up a clothing brand.
I presented him with a handful of ideas and we have both strongly agreed on this one.
Having searched many sites, including a reverse image search on google, I still haven't found any evidence of it existing... But I'm still finding it hard to believe to be honest.

Also, if it turns out a logo is vaguely similar, what would I do next? The client doesn't have much of a budget, so I don't have much more time at all to spend on this project.

Art of Training logo 2.png

[Please note, this isn't the final result as I would like to get more confirmation before I continue refining it.]

Thank you.

Paul Murray

Staff member
It feels familiar but that could just be because it's a simple idea. I've searched a little bit and although I've found lots of bent dumbbell logos, I couldn't find anything similar to this.


Well-Known Member
I like it, but I don't get the bent bar idea? Is it simply for visual effect? It just seems a bit negative for me as I think of; poor posture / form, struggle, sadness (bar forming a sad smile).


Staff member
Lifiting heavy weights the bar tends to bend.

As you can see below, the weights between letters/words/names etc. is used a lot.

I think you have a unique logo - but I think it needs a lot of work. For example, the A with the weights is bold and strong, whereas it's light and fluffy underneath where it says Art...

Thank you all for taking the time to help and give me feedback! :)
The bar was indeed to give the illusion of strength, as hankscorpio demonstrated.

You're also right about the font choice. As it's a long title, I'd like to add a bit of contrast, to break it up a little. Still on the hunt for the right pairing, but other than that I'm almost done.

Thanks again everyone! :D