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Graphic designers getting paid like rockstars?

Discussion in 'Partnerships' started by adtopsteve, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. adtopsteve

    adtopsteve New Member

    We are offering graphic designers the chance to design t-shirts for our Y-Garb range which is a new brand aimed at the personnel development industry the clothing range will be sold worldwide. Heres the thing the designers won't get paid a fee they will get paid a royalty fee every time a customer chooses their design meaning they will get paid over and over again for the same design. Were expecting the clothing brand to be the fastest selling clothing range on the planet. so if you're interested in developing a residual income then contact steve at
  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Or not at all, if their design doesn't sell? Is that correct?
  3. adtopsteve

    adtopsteve New Member

    Hi paul thanks for your reply
    Yes you are correct if your designs are no good then people won't choose them and you wont get paid however I am giving designers a platform that will have millions of potential customers I even give you the medium basically its questions on clothing all the designer has to come up with is the designs of which there are endless opportunities. And he can come up with as many as he/she wishes the more designs the more potential income streams.
  4. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    How much does your most successful designer make a week and how many designs has he/she supplied?
  5. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    Cool, can we see the website and, in particular, the section that forms the basis of the contract between your company and the designer please? That would be really useful to help our members decide of this is a worthwhile investment of their time. For example would be good to know the proposed commission/royalty %, who owns the designs once submitted, how you track sales and keep the designer informed, if you are VAT registered and so on.
  6. adtopsteve

    adtopsteve New Member

    ref question

    Hi Boss hog, The concept is brand new there are a few things i need to sort out such as copyright laws and contracts. the best designs will be used for samples on our product launch given an even better chance of selling. I will explain more under corrosive question if you have any input or ideas then please feel it will be very welcome. thanks steve
  7. adtopsteve

    adtopsteve New Member

    Hi corrosive thanks very much for your question this is a brand new venture the website is currently under construction on it will be our range of clothing under the y-garb brand, there will also be a create your own design software on there. we will be using an affiliate software attached that will notify the designer of all purchases, their designs will come under our copyright so the designer is protected. yes I have to look into a contract agreement to cover both parties and yes we will be vat registered. as for royalty fees will be set I have even thought about an increase fee for first 100 sales of each design followed then by a reduced fee. this will give the designers a quicker return on their time then a passive income. your input on this would be very helpful.
    I just want you to know I have no hidden agenda all i want is to create a win win situation the copyright license is going to cost me £1500 and the cost of getting an agreement is going to cost as well. if I wanted i could get hundreds of designs from india for that price and own the designs but i see a bigger picture once the concept is proven I will get the best designers designing our range and be able to offer thousands of designs to our clients/customers.
    Any advice and suggestions you have to make this happen and to get the designers to see the bigger picture i am open to. and the designer that jump on board now will be the real winners because the best designs we will use as samples for our product launch. we are teaming up with clients from the personnel development industry who have databases of millions of the perfect customers who will appreciate our clothing concept.
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  8. Mister

    Mister New Member

    So is it pretty much the same as threadless?

    I like threadless. I'd be happy to throw some of my time into doing some designs once I know the finer details on the legalities. I doubt any designer ever gets Mick Jagger rich from such a thing but doing something like a t-shirt for something like this is probably what got a lot of us interested in design. No young designer at Uni dreams of one day doing a logo for a local firm of accountants. So there's a certain low financial/high satisfaction return.
  9. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Steve, sounds good. I didn't think you had a hidden agenda by the way, just been round these forums long enough to know the questions you'll get asked :thumb: Summed up very nicely I think.

    I think your idea around an increased return for the first few is a good one. Show some willing on your part and might get some friends and family buying the designs and introduce them to the site where, hopefully, they will shop around and buy shirts from other designers. It's a good 'in' I reckon.
  10. adtopsteve

    adtopsteve New Member

    Hi Mister yes very similar to threadless (hadn't seen threadless before) but yes the only difference i can see is we will copyright your material under the y-garb master licence and we will give you the questions themes to go on the clothing you then design using that theme/question. as I can see with threadbare you can just design anything you want and upload? (within reason :))
  11. Mister

    Mister New Member

    Sounds good. Threadless has been around for many years and is very popular (although not quite so well known in the UK). It's a model that works although looking at it now I have to say that there is now a lot more chaff on their. It could do with some better QC I think as the t-shirts used to be a lot more original, there seems to be a lot of pop culture, cheap slogan type crap now.
  12. adtopsteve

    adtopsteve New Member

    ref :graphic designers getting paid like rockstars

    Hi Mister
    where are you from? wanted to know if we can meet up to discuss y-garb my number 07581142213

    cheers steve

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