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Graphic Design Forums Competition

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Stationery Direct

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(1x) Adobe CS5 Premium Edition (worth in excess of £1500 approx)
(Design, Web or Production for Mac or PC – your choice)
Kindly supplied by Adobe UK

(1x) Pantone Color Cue® 2.1 (worth in excess of £330 approx)
(Capture colour in seconds with this electronic, portable Pantone Colour Library)
Kindly supplied by Pantone UK

(1x) 5,000 Business Cards
(Printed full colour 2 sides onto 400gsm silk, artwork to be supplied as press ready PDF's)
Kindly supplied by online printer Stationery Direct - Print Reseller Scheme

(2x) Design Week Magazine Subscriptions (worth £85 each approx)
(One of the UK's leading Design Magazines, featuring all aspects of design, 12 month subscription)
Kindly supplied by Design Week

(3x) Pantone Coated GoeGuides™ (worth in excess of £70 each approx)
(Select, specify and communicate the 2,058 new solid colours with a Pantone GoeGuide™)
Kindly supplied by Pantone UK

(2x) Creative Review Website Subscriptions (worth £64 each approx)
(One of the UK's leading Design Websites, featuring all aspects of design, 12 month subscription)
Kindly supplied by Creative Review

(10x) Pantone Tea/Coffee Mugs
(Sip your hot drink in style with a colourful Pantone Mug, a must for design geeks!)
Kindly supplied by London Graphic Centre

Simples, all you have to do is link to this competition or our forum from one of the Social Networking sites such as Twitter. If you do not use Social Networking then you can also link to us from your blog or website but must ensure that you use the "nofollow" tag as explained in the Rules & Details section below.

You must ensure that you link directly to the competition thread or to the forum itself...

Competition URL
http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/graphic-design-competitions/3291-graphic-design-forums-competition.html (Tiny URL: http://tiny.cc/yr2hq)

Forum URL

...once you have done this just post a direct link in the thread below to your mention online (you must be a registered forum member to do this, free to join). That’s it, you now have a chance of winning one of these great prizes.

Below is an example of what is required...
TWITTER LINK: https://twitter.com/DesignForums/status/12038873873

...feel free to give us a follow too http://twitter.com/DesignForums :icon_wink:

All entries will be verified and the link must still be in place and active when the winners are chosen. Please read the Rules & Details section below.

On the 5/07/2010 winners will be selected from this thread by Boss Hog, they will be notified via e-mail and the forum usernames of the winners and the prize they won will be posted here so please ensure that you come back and check. All prizes must be claimed within 6 weeks of the competition ending, after which they will be given to good causes.

RULES & DETAILS: Important Please Read in full
  • All entrants must be UK based
  • One entry per username / IP address
  • All links will be verfied and must still be in place and active when the winners are chosen
  • If you are linking directly to the forum from your blog or website you must use the "nofollow" tag, shown below:
    <a href="http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk" rel="nofollow">Graphic Design Forums</a>
  • The whole point of this competition is not only to give you the chance to win some great prizes but to increase awareness of the Graphic Design Forums, as a result please post your link to us somewhere where it will be seen by others, many thanks.
  • Any monetary valuation of the prizes are correct at competition launch, include VAT and are supplied as a general guide only.
  • Prize quantities specified are the amount we have to give away e.g (x3) means there will be 3 winners of that prize.
  • Got a question? Ask it HERE

Many thanks to the competition sponsors as without their generous contributions this competition would not be possible:

GOOD LUCK! :icon_smile:

Business Cards | Letterheads | Leaflets | Flyers
Good stuff.

I've entered too. An example of actually using social media to boost traffic rather than talk about what you had for breakfast.

Twitter / Mark Astle: Win prizes on Graphic Desi ...

I've also mentioned it in my blog as a good example of using social media. Part of a general rant about social media not being quite all it's cracked up to be. Love some comments on that if anyone's got an opinion.

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