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Graphic design crit required


Senior Member
Been asked to develop some wallpaper graphics for craig sparkes, Ive recently finnished a website design for him so this (1 of 4) is designed to work alongside the new-look site.

Designed as 1280*1024 but rescaled for this topic

source image

Anyone got any ideas/crit? ta.
Nice - only concern is the placement of the logos.

Maybe along the bottom? - as most mac users (havn't used a pc in years!) tend to have Hardrive / external etc icons down the right hand side.


Senior Member
As a mac user I agree with the above, however controversially - windows users normally have theres aligned left!

I really like the design, to me the strings of the kite down line up with its positioning though...


Senior Member
personally, i don't. i think it looks dangerous and exciting so for me the grunge is just right.

maybe i'm the ultimate in stupid tho.


Senior Member
hes kind of inverted so his head would be underneith the blue buggy - if that makes sense?

thanks for comments guys :D