Google Page Rank Increase?


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Lads, have any of you employed someone to improve the SEO of your site? My business certainly doesn't specialise in SEO and I wondered whether there were any good recommendations? Cheers.


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I'll certainly think about it. We're not in a situation to pay out expenses at the moment but once the cash flow situation is sorted it's something I'll be discussing with the lads.

Cheers for the help.

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I don't think PR means anything anyway to be honest (please correct me if I am wrong), I have a PR5 homepage with PR4 internal pages, some of the internal pages are optimised for certain keywords and I am not anywhere to be seen on google, although other PR3 sites are on page 1 for the same keywords!

So work that one out :icon_dunno:
if it's onsite seo I can help, can also give a plan for offsite. Although I can do offsite too, it's not cheap and I'm sure you would rather be more in control of it.
But the onsite should be done by any decent SEO prior to offsite.
Not only that but are you guys measuring your conversions? Conversion testing is key going forward, if your not looking to that then your not going to get very far with any amount seo unless your selling the main 3 things of course.
Kev, how come your site has no h tags? losing out there plus not very much content for some pages which won't help.
Their site also has no h1, if anything the h1 will help matters and should be factored in for any web dev/seo company, ok it's only 1 factor out of hundreds but to omit it is not a good idea.
There are other issues too but I'm not gonna go into those.

Damon, looks like your whole site needs mapping out and analysing for internal links at some point, I've had lot lower pr sites rank higher within a month or so. Plus your backlink anchor texts need sorting.
It's all nice and well the prs being updated but the main thing is still traffic, sales and conversions (not necessarily in that order) which is more important than pr