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(shouldn't this be in the feedback forum?)

I don't actually remember how your previous site looked, but I can't really imagine this being better. The alignment of your site really shouldn't be 50/50 left-right. It's too simplistic, unrefined and oversized. It's generally very "in your face" if you know what I mean?


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Cheers for the feedback mate.

What do you mean by the alignment of the site shouldn't be 50/50?

maybe greg or chris can move it over.


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Everything above your <h1> is aligned to the right. However, the links of the actual nav are each aligned to the left. So that's already two different alignments in one element (nav) of your page. And then you top it off by aligning all your content to the left :confused:


Staff member
I'm going to be honest here, from what I can remember I prefer your old site.

This one just seems all over the place in terms of alignment.

Also too much hamilton :)
I agree with the above.
I feel it is just toooooooo 'in your face' and I too prefer your old site.
Sorry Glen it's just my 2p worth....keep at it.


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Cool, thanks for the comments guys, ill work on improvements. Whats to in your face? The site fits 960 grid obviously is it the large fonts?


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It's a very hard to describe feeling :confused:
But Typo has the same impression, so it's definitely there... Right?


Staff member
It's hard to put it in words, it just feels off, like things I'd expect on the right are on the left and vice versa. The chunkiness doesn't help in some cases either


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I'm on 1280 x 800

Here's my thoughts:

Essentially the way I see it... instead of:

I'd be leaning more towards something such as: (still needs work...)

Things I'd point out for thought...

Bigger typography is not always better, it was very in your face at the previous size (in my opinion) while now it is more legible

It's a bit much to read if you are just scanning sites for someone to contact, bullets etc. are your friend, short, concise, good to read sentences...

The nav could be "stretched" across the whole width of the content 'area' instead the gap on the right (left in the original)

I would rethink where the contact details go, I feel its a nicer feel to have the nav at the very top

Ermm oh and generally the width :)

Just my 2c


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I'm not sure I like the fact that you have the fact that you worked in a sky call center on your front page. I'm not sure it is totally relevant to you as a designer.