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GilmoreVisuals Business Cards Critique

Hi guys.

Recently printed out my new business cards out (of course, it's always a silly idea to print them out before having other designers critique them) but there we go. What do people think?



Staff member
qr codes are pretty common now, pretty useful too depending on how you use them (assume it's contact details this time)

Gilmore - there's 2 typo's, photo manipulation is 2 words, not 1 and you've used the american spelling for specialisation (personally I'd have used specilists or specialising)
I would have dumped specializing all together, your limiting your self to what you put on your list and possibly turning away business.

qr codes can work well in the environment and with the right info. Its funny that a lot of people don't really know what they do but feel like they should gave one.

A business card is something very personal and have to be happy with it, after all its your passport to free lunches.
Yeah, I wasn't too sure about specialization/specialisation as the spell checker didn't pick up on it.

I think for the QR code shows you're keeping up with 'technology' - at least, all the non designers who have seen this have been impressed and commented by the qr code. Not sure how effective that would be when dealing with professional business people.

The QR link goes to the home page, which I do think is not very creative, however at the moment I would prefer having people pass through my home page and then seeing my portfolio (as there is some of my work on the home page). I think the main concern would be my website, something I would need to do when I get more time.
whats wrong with just graphic designer as you have on the front?

by putting

specialisation in
print design
logo design

It basically says thats all you do and you wouldn't consider anything else and that might put some people off.
Thats just how I see it, others probably dont.

when qr codes go wrong.
I like the blue and the bottom border, I feel they look a little like a printers business card though but that's just me liking everything minimal and clean.
For a split second I thought they were edge painted - yes the blue at the bottom is a nice touch.

What is the thickness of the card ?
Thanks- i'm not sure about the thickness, but it's nothing special. 250gm (they were free from a place I work with) I was more focusing on the design than the card (at this point in my career)


They're good :)

I don't think you needed the bullet point list though, I reckon you could have come up with something a little better.

As for the QR code, I've never actually seen anyone scan one of those things, or heard it mentioned in conversation, ever.
I have read in different blogs and comments such as yours Ross, that say that a QR code is pointless when it links to the same website/location as is already visible on the same page. I disagree. I think that the majority of people in the UK havn't yet seen a QR code being used on a business card, and this includes potential customers = +1 for originality in their eyes.

You need to understand the psychological effect that a QR code will have on a potential customer when giving the business card to the customer. When someone who is not used to seeing something such as a QR code they will be more intrigued by such a detail as they have never seen them before used in this way, nor will they have seen it frequently. If you show them your business card that has the QR code they will have to assume that you have a certain amount of knowledge to the area and are up to date with technology. Don't get me wrong, i'm not naive about it either. I'm aware that lots will not give a hoot about it and it will pass by, or they will think 'another cheesy QR code plonked unecesserally' however I do strongly believe that is not the thought process of the majority of people with exceptions to people who are knowledgeable in the areas such as us, graphic designers. So this too is = +1 for impressing client with technology.

Finally I think there is a level of interactivity that would not be there if there was only text. I have only recently purchased both ipod touch and a Galaxy S2 smart phone, both of which have the QR reader apps. Nearly every time I see a QR code (cereal box's, news papers, youtube videos etc) I feel tempted to scan and see what lies behind, something I pesonally never felt when seeing a simple website link www.site.com. It's almost targeting an elite audience which might feel supreme because they feel they can access this QR code that maybe not everyone can. Of course, I know people are not like me, however again, I think that there is a higher chance of that QR being scanned than someone manually typing my site URL on a comuter. This too has a +1 for interactivity.

Remember I designed the business card for potential clients, not designers and the choice of the QR code being in that corner is most definitely not pointless :)