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Gift for a friend

its getting mounted and framed mate. think the print will be just oversize a3 i think. i lost the quality uploading. but the full thing is a vector so no problem sizing it to anything.lol
Very nice work. THIS you keep in your portfolio!

I think you should add the back story to it. It adds more meaning. Also - run a spell-check.


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I'm disappointed, when I read 'pac' I thought it was going to be pacman :(

yes I know tupac was in the sentence before hand but that didn't click. Plus I wanted a pacman picture :(
aibrean said:
You could start a business just selling that stuff. The style is new and different and very beautifully done.
Agreed; I imagine there would be a small market to target canvas prints to if you done enough of them.
You may have some luck on eBay or maybe create an Etsy shop (or your own bespoke?!). I've seen this done before a few times but this is definitely one of the better ones. I'm wondering what print process would bring it out the most...


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Whats wrong with Sticky Fingaz? It was Freddo Star who was in Moeesha!

What about Shock G/Humpty Hump, that nose would be awesome!