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Genius Logo Design

Stationery Direct

Staff member
After seeing Col's clever use of a thistle and the letter A, I had a quick look online for some other genius logo designs...

Incorporating a leaf.

Clever use of the number 8.

Fish and hooks.

Exclamation marks, talking!

Stationery Direct

Staff member

Guild of food writers, pen nib and spoon.

Incorporating the letters E & D into a plug and socket.

Clever use of negative space, plumber and plunger.

If you know of any more, post them below.
Love the Guild for Food Writers. It's a really nice logo.

Don't forget the ultimate use of negative space (and the one that gets pulled up every time logos are discussed!).

Negative Space

Some great examples, many of those I haven't seen yet either.

I'm not a fan of the Logomotives logo though, it's clever but I find it cluttered and ugly.