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Full brand, mock project. Comments most welcome

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Decided to whip myself up a mock brief and do a full identity package to keep in shape as I haven't done much work lately. Let the thread commence!

Le Brief

first sketches

will update as I go along, C&C much appreciated :D

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Haha kevin, it was infact a very very crap sketch of a cartoon gorilla in a beret that I erased :p the lines showed up when I took the pic though.

ralph - most likely, i'll be doing some more sketches if I can't find a direction with these



Senior Member
I quite like the bottom one, I don't think it needs the hat, I would like to see the red diagonal strip as the horizontal.

Without picking massive holes, you seem to be picking on a communist propaganda/che feel, which I do like, but the only major communist group who got involved in large scale guerrilla warfare was in Vietnam. BUT I am picking holes, I do like the feel of what you are doing.

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Was slightly concerned that the font looked a like Pricedown so tossed it around a bit and blended the two.

I'm not all that confident with pure type logos, unless ofcourse nothing else is necessary to convey the name, like this(edit, not mine). My background is in illustration so I tend to (possibly to some) overcomplicate my logo designs. Although I intend to conquer my fear of typography with the help of the web, waterstones and amazon :up:

What I wouldn't give to go back to college or uni! Sodding bills!
You could always do a character kind of thing. So you have some set type for paper work but use a character for the front of the company, on websites, business cards and other things.


Staff member
I'm going to be honest here and say those bombs look like a pencil with those rubber things stuck on the end. Now I'm not sure if thats the look you were going for but that's what I'm seeing :)