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First attempt

I've bought a URL and will be building a portfolio as soon as... Here is my first attempt (well I ditched a few others really quickly before I got to this) at a logo for it. Once I have achieved the right look, (I'm after something retro) I will style the rest of the site from it.

Any advice would be appreciated on colour, spacing or is it just wrong?

Cheers yawl



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That looks kind of like a beer mat? is that intentional/relevant?

Maybe if you could tell us a little more about what you would like to get across and expect from the site we could be more help.


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like tbwcf said think peeps will need a bit more info, but i think that looks ok for a start, could do with some texture to make it look a bit more reto. i like the A and the colours. whats are you trying to communicate with it?

Thanks for the comments tbwcf, bentzak :)

I am wanting to train in Graphic Design and Illustration. My intention is that this site will, eventually when I have a good body of work, act as a personal portfolio and contact point.

I certainly didn't mean it to look like a beer mat, but now you mention it!

I think the style I am searching for is a modern one juxtaposed with a circa 50's feel. I absolutely don't want it to look Juke-boxy or Apple Pie though. Just a modern look with the colours and a hint of 50's aesthetic.

Bentzak, what do you mean by texture? Is this something to do with using techniques such as distressed text or fills, something like below?



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not quite like below, i found this page which has some tuts about what im saying,

35 Beautiful Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials - Smashing Magazine

just gives it a more retro feel i think. at the moment i dont think it says graphic designer, not literatly, but i didnt look at it and think graphic designer. im not sure about the square for that reason, not sure what it does?? what does it represent?

had a little play, only a quick play about with it, just to show you what i mean,

here i have added the texture i was talking about, also played with a couple of things i thought might work, this is sort of like putting a load of ideas into one, a bit short of time! but see what you think anywho. its a bit hard to see but i added a pencil nib to the end of the A



I like the pencil and added text idea very much. I don't really need the .co.uk added so I'll try something along the lines of your ideas. I'll have a go at your tutorials before I reply. I didn't have any thoughts on what the square was for, I just thought it looked appealing. The next post might be very different. Thanks a lot for your time, this is a great help :)


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no worries, just to add, remember to do it so it works scaled and in black and white, if its gonna be your business logo. if you dig through here im sure you will find a helpful thread for everything you need from you logo.

Cheers Bentzak. I'll have another go at this in light of all the advice I have received. I will try to do something using one of the Photoshop tutorials you sent me as inspiration.
Hi Glen,

I am wanting to train in Graphic Design and Illustration (something I am very interested in). My intention is that this site will, eventually when I have a good body of work, act as a personal portfolio and contact point.
Here is my second, proper, attempt. I have now added a reference to Design by using the brush symbol. The colour scheme I have used is still in retro tones, but now; BLUE: Power, calmness, success, trustworthiness and RED: Excitement, action, adventure, love, passion, food.

Hopefully, this seductive combination will get em flying through the door lol :).



Just my feeling on the logo.. don't like the A really :( seems lost and stuck there with no purpose .. thats just my thought.. I would loose the font on the A and make it the same font as the rest of the text :)


I would make the A smaller and also not in Red... the red seems to not be involved.. try changing the brush to head to red or a different colour :) to offset it :) just an idea :)
Thanks Chris, Mrp2049 ... Is this what you mean about the layout? Don't worry about the colours at the mo I am just playing around with a few palettes until something turns up. My fave of thease two is the iPod (top) :)



I like the top one out of the two :) the pink colour is nice :) try a red, green and blue too :)