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finding work (freelance)

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by ja_designs, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. ja_designs

    ja_designs New Member

    Hi all

    Im new to the forum, so be easy on me! lol

    cutting a long story short, I graduated over 2years ago, and immediatley found a graphic design job within a small company. Ive been job hunting for months now with no luck.

    I want to start freelancing.

    thing is im not entirely sure where to begin.

    how do you freelancers get your work?

    bearing in mind that I do not have a built up client base yet and need to start from the bottom


  2. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Hi John

    Welcome to the forums.

    Firstly I would look to buying a domain name and getting your portfolio along with your contact details online. Then it's all about marketing, via forums such as this, locally at networking meetings etc etc.

    ...the most important thing before everything else is to have somewhere to direct people to showing them what you can do. Once you have sorted this we can then advise on the next stages :icon_wink:
  3. ja_designs

    ja_designs New Member

    thanks for the reply boss

    am currently in the process of designing my website now

    was just curious as to how am going to direct people there.

    as you mentioned, its networking.

    will update once website is live
  4. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    Decide which area you want to start work in (eg; fashoin, atomotive blagh blagh) then create some advertising which targets that specific market. get seen through trade mags, newspapers, leaflets in chip shops, emails etc... once youve saturated the local area, pick another sector of the market to target and start again.

    If you want to be freelancing for creative agencies, find out what each agency in your local area specialises in and make yourself a specialist in that area.
  5. JMCDesigner

    JMCDesigner Member

    I think that's a very important point, you should laser target your target market and really get under their skin and appeal to them. Generalising your marketing for a load of people just won't work. I've learnt the hard way...

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