Female robot version


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Hey guys, I created this fella but I'm stuck on how to create the female version of the same. Do you have any ideas? What would you change/add?



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A couple of slight protuberances on the chest would be the obvious one!

Eyelashes, full lips, change body colour to pink or just a pink face with black eyes, turn the body shape upside down to make hips, thinner arms.

Paul Murray

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I'd use the same model and just change the facial features. It makes sense if you think about it, if you were creating a line of these robots, it would be cheaper to create a base model and just change gender through software.


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there you go, female version. Her name is Eve and she's currently dating Wall-e....

If you want to 'feminise' a robot you can take a look at the numerous anime interpretations or the Drossel robot from disney iirc.
Give it giant boobs and a huge butt. Oh, don't forget long eyelashes, perfect eyebrows, huge lips and red lipstick.

How else are people supposed to know that robots need to have genders???