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Fantastic portfolios

Stationery Direct

Staff member
Device is amazing and not a company I have heard of before, they have a VERY impressive client list to say the least.

I also love the portfolio of Design Chapel, both good finds.
Rian Hughes IS design in my opinion. He's unbelievably influential...

The current vogue style of pop-culture charactures you see these days; all down to him. And his understanding of colour is phenomenal.

I hope he won't mind the hotlinks.

Remember that?! ;)

If I had even a tenth of his talent, I'd die a happy man.

I love

My first and last idol....

www.jason-brooks.com - best known for his colourful Hed Kandi cover work, but absolutely loving his new black and white designs;

These wonderful sketchy images inspired me to create this for a client last month;

Thanks for some of those sites, some of them are excellent. Makes you wonder how long they have been doing it for. Some talented people out there!