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External Hard Drive



Western Digital do good passport external hard drives :) got a 250gb one myself.. their 1tb ones are good too apparently :)


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Personally I just bought a caddy and then stuck in my preference of drives, ibm hitachi in my case (yes the deathstar brand but they have/are the most reliable brand I have used).


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Either a SATA hotswap bay with a drive or a sata card with sata hd in caddy..

or as levi said a caddy from ebuyer, microdirect or the like and a hd of your choice inside... a simple but fun 5 minute project :)

all depends on whether you will be docking it out and about or if it's just to expand current system memory.


This morning I saw the exact same 1tb hardrive from Seagate for £55 (Buy it now) inc PP in ebay, It just sold out now :(

Tom Sound

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Thanks for the tips and link. I don't need a portable but the western digital units looks like they would be ideal for work. This requirement is for my home office for backing up/freeing up space so high speed is not essential. I'm going to read some more reviews, hadn't even thought of doing that thanks Charles.



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If it doesn't need to be portable why not just add a new internal hard drive will only cost around £30 and will be a simple case of plug and play.

SATA - http://www.microdirect.co.uk/Home/Product/41923/Samsung-320GB-hard-disk-drivet-F1-SATA-7200rpm
IDE - http://www.microdirect.co.uk/Home/Product/17333/Western-Digital-500GB-hard-disk-drive-IDE-ATA100

^^ cheapest viable options...

Personally I avoid maxtor HD's as have had nothing but hassle from them; in fact every maxtor I have installed or caddied has died or had S.M.A.R.T probs.

If you were looking along the external this enclosure is pretty nice:

holds two drives, i'd put two of those samsungs in there and use one for system backup and one for documents also this card is a cheapo but i'm sure would do te job:

total cost would be around £120

What pc do you use?

Tom Sound

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I know what you're saying, but I do want to be able to lock it away when I go away.

Since I was burgled everything goes in the safe :)

It's an intel mac pro, I've already got 2 500GB internal drives.

Thanks :D
i recently went through a similar dilemma as I had run out of room on my external Lacie drive. I have always been a great fan of Lacie products, I have the screen etc and I have always recommended their products over the years.

I began my search for a reasonably priced 1TB external hd that would also give me a good transfer speed. From endless searching and reviews I come to the conclusion that the Western Digital My Book Studio Edition was the best solution. The thing that made my decision was the various different connections, including the common high-speed links eSATA and Firewire 800 :D

My Book Studio Edition 2 TB Hard Drives ( WDH1Q20000 )

I currently have an internal Seagate drive in my G5 and I have unfortunately got a dodgy one, which could drop out any day. This has obviously lowered my opinion of Seagate, hense the move to Western Digital.

I hope you find what you are looking for :D

Tom Sound

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Good Advice Jason thanks for that, interesting to hear the seagate isn't the most reliable, with all the Western praise on here I'm closer to making a decision, thanks y'all



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I'm currently running a Seagate FreeAgent Pro, and touch wood not had any problems with it, also came with a 5 year warranty, although that's not much help if it ever does have a serious error and you lose the data!

Tom Sound

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Well, I ended getting a Western Digital Mybook 1TB in the end and it's great

Got it from dabs.com which seems pretty reasonable at £70something quid :D

thanks all!

If you get a 2TB drive but with 2 x 1TB SATA drives, you can then format it to RAID 1 which basically gives you 1TB of storage but automatically mirrors everything onto the other 1TB. As they're separate drives if one should fail you have an identical copy on the other.

It obviously makes it an expensive 1TB drive, but with added security. And if it's full of commercial projects etc. then it's certainly worth it.
We used western digital throughout the company and had 5 1TB mybooks of which 4 crashed and burned, unable to retrieve any information, they lasted just over 2 years. We may of been extremely unlucky but I personally wouldn't touch a western digital again.