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!!Exclamation Mark in Dreamweaver!!


Once I have ammended code in Dreamweaver and go to preview it in a browser a message keep poppin up saying ' Some files needed to accurately preview this page have been modified but not saved'.

Does anyone know if this is pertaining to the code I have ammended or is it referring to changes made to the actual browser. Just wonder why it keeps appearing as it never used to.

Thanking you. :icon_thumbup:

Stationery Direct

Staff member
I think it is referring to the code you have changed, go to Preferences > Preview Code > Select Preview using temporary file...that should fix it (although not used DW for aaaaages so may be completely wrong here)
!! Exclaimation Mark in Dreamweaver !!

Hey Boss Hog,

Just to let you know that I have done what you suggested so lets see whats happens :icon_hide:

Thanking you for your advice :icon_cheers: