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eCommerce which one and why?

I am looking into eCommerce and I know there are a lot out there. I want something that is both easy for myself and the client. I was looking at Magento and Bigcommerce but they seem a little too expensive at the moment.


Staff member
Magento can be completely free but it can be a bit difficult to get your head around a first and if one of the plug-ins breaks your install it's a right bugger to get it all back. If you're looking at wordpress, Woocommerce is pretty easy to work.
Thanks. I may try OpenCart as it looks good on the front end and the back end of it looks quite easy to use too. Thanks for your help
WordPress Woocommerce everytime! Easy to navigate customer/admin and with a few server side modifications you can really open it up. So forget what people say about it being limited compared to Magento all over the internet. It's all about knowing how to use the tools at your disposal.

I hope this helps.
Hi RDB. I recommend you use opencart - i use it for my ecommerce projects and if you know php and html you will have no trouble editing it and using it for your ecommerce needs. Also good thuing is the base for it is free to use. Modiles cost but they are mostly pretty cheap to buy.