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Hi all

I have just picked a new client (thanks for Gregs advice to call them and ask if they need a website) and they want an online shop.

I dont know about setting up e-commerce but am obviously wanting to learn about it.

Does anyone know who is the best e-commerce company to go with that doesnt cost alot and also is a simple e-commerce to set up.

There isnt going to be a lot of products as its for a sweet shop selling sweet hampers so I dont want anything complicated.

I was thinking wordpress with the shopp plugin (thanks to Ken for the heads up) but just wanted to know about any other options that may be available.

Cheers all, Tom


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Hi Tom,

Good to hear you've picked up another new client off the back of that other thread :)

Openmind Commerce may be a good option for this project by the sounds of it, check out the link in the forum partners section (forum home sidebar). It's a UK focused e-commerce platform, easy to style and 'skin' with your own design using HTML/CSS and plenty of options and control for your client.

Good luck!


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Spoke to Open Mind and they seem great. been playing with the demo and i like it. will need to play with it abit more. but i like that you can customise it.

and we get 20% discount from link on df home page. sweeeet.
prestashop is more web 2.0 then opencart in my opinion and better for product attributes for items like clothing - easier to use and looks better as there is more jquery mods. Or you could look into a reseller program.