Does this look like what it's supposed to?


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77f4d370-91af-4888-bcf8-6931126506ea.png It's supposed to be an 'R' on top and a 'W' at the bottom and together it's supposed to look like a vertical butterfly.


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There's no W there. The problem you'll have is the more you make it look like a W,
the more it will look an M when you reflect it.


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Why a butterfly?
What does the R and W represent?

Do the letters have to be in the logo. Can't you have a butterfly and the name of the company:,g_1:simple&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiypfaNxbfaAhVLKsAKHXX5Bk8Q4lYIJSgA&biw=1440&bih=717&dpr=1
The R and W is for Rogue Wave, and the butterfly is to symbolize the Butterfly Effect: the idea that a butterfly flapping it's wings can cause a calamitous event and in this case it's a rogue wave.

Rogue Wave symbolizes changing the course of time.


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Not sure how you were supposed to get all that from the logo. Do you need to have all that colplexity? Why not just have 'Rogue Wave' as the logo? Or if the logo will always be acompanied by the name of the business do you need the R and W in the logo.

It just seems overly complicated and abstruse.

PS: The butterfly effect is part of chaos theory. It's the dependence of initial conditions on non-linear events. I did this as part of my degree and it's enormously complicated. Rogue waves aren't necessarily dependent on initial conditions. They are more often the result of resonance. So linking the butterfly effect to rogue waves doesn't actually work.