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Cs 5.5....are you upgrading?

Discussion in 'General Software & Hardware Forum:' started by mattyd81, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. mattyd81

    mattyd81 Junior Member

    So with 5.5 due to be released how many of you are considering upgrading?

    I'm still on cs3 design premium and debating whether to now upgrade or wait till cs6. Do you think the jump from cs3 to cs6 would be even more than cs5.5?

    Would be interested in what everyone else is thinking
  2. Annoying .5 upgrades. I upgraded to the full CS5 suite last year so absolutely no plans to upgrade for a very long time now, unless they put in some amazing, can't-live-without new features.
  3. richimgd

    richimgd Member

    Not all products get the 5.5 upgrade, many key products are still at 5:

    Photoshop® CS5 Extended
    Illustrator® CS5
    InDesign® CS5.5
    Acrobat® X Pro
    Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5
    Flash Professional CS5.5
    Flash Builder® 4.5 Premium Edition
    Dreamweaver® CS5.5
    Fireworks® CS5
    Contribute CS5
    Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5.5
    After Effects® CS5.5
    Adobe Audition® CS5.5
    Adobe OnLocation™ CS5
    Encore® CS5
    Bridge CS5
    Device Central CS5.5
    Media Encoder CS5.5

    If you can wait, I'd get cs6 when that comes out, but have no idea when that will be.
  4. Russell

    Russell Member

    I'm running CS3 and was waiting for 6 to come out before making the jump, but it seems this could be another 6 months plus now they've done 5.5. I would assume if you bought 5.5 the upgrade costs wouldn't be horrific when 6 does come out, but then again we are talking about Adobe.

    Think I'm going to pass for the moment as apart from some InDesign glitches CS3 does me fine, and to make sure I'm up to speed with the changes since CS3 I'd really need a quiet spell to have a poke around.
  5. matt

    matt Member

    Next year. 6.5 will be about a year after that etc.

    They have started doing intermediate .5 versions to lessen the gap between upgrades. It is annoying as they ain't cheap and many people feel obliged to stay on the cutting edge.

    The jump to CS6 from 3 will of course be slightly greater than to 5.5. If you can wait a year, then why not wait. If you can afford it now, then why not buy now. You'll only ever be around a year away from being 'out of date', so it makes little difference.
  6. richimgd

    richimgd Member

    Sometimes upgrade costs can cost like £600 even from the latest version, so you buy the latest version and if a new version comes out a month later it could cost you £600... So waiting until the right time to buy the new version might be better than buying the new version now and then planning to upgrade as soon as a future version comes out.
  7. Dazzer21

    Dazzer21 Member

    I think that the reason is a little more fiscal than that! In MY opinion, if it's a .1 upgrade or upwards, until it gets to 6, it should be a FREE upgrade. After all, I paid for CS5, which in my book, is read as 5.x!
  8. wac

    wac Senior Member

    I'm not sure about that, the 5.5 is all about the mobile devices, it would be off if a costly cs6 upgrade took away those features until another costly 6.5 upgrade, still anything's possible.
  9. tom thurs

    tom thurs Member

    My thoughts exactly! :<
  10. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    Nah, I might upgrade at 6, but I'm fine using what I have for now.
  11. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    I'm still on cs3!
  12. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    Cs4 mostly.
  13. richimgd

    richimgd Member

    I have CS4 at work and CS5 at home. I don't see the point of CS5.5 so will probably wait for CS6 when ever that is supposed to come out.
  14. analogmonkey

    analogmonkey Member

    Totally agree, virtually no competition so adobe can do what they want really.
  15. goathead

    goathead Member

    I'm currently skipping the even numbers...

    So my next purchase will be CS7
  16. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    CS10 FTW! Although they might call it CSX by then...
  17. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    CS 10, that takes me back...china covered art board...ask Berry.:up:

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  18. mattyd81

    mattyd81 Junior Member

    I'm glad everyone is on the same wave length, I'm currently on CS3 and until I develop and learn to be a designer I'm not going to think about upgrading until I'm forced to.
  19. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Although applications such as Acorn and Pixelmator are gaining in popularity. Especially the latter is proving to be a viable Photoshop alternative, even for web design.
  20. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Adobe has more competition on windows but the simple fact is they are the defacto standard in design and unfortunately that means the end user normally gets shafted somewhere along the line.

    The subscription model they're using is a joke, you don't ever own the product. Autodesk has a subscription model which works well, you buy product once, you then subscribe (yearly) to get updates (including new versions), if you stop subscribing you get to keep whatever version you're on. Pricing is cheaper than adobe's too....

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