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Critique on Logo and advice

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by ameharhughes, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. ameharhughes

    ameharhughes New Member

    Hi All

    This is my logo, just looking for some comments on it. how obvious is it representing a N and V??

    FYI: the curves are crap because I still suck at the pen tool and practising it.
    the word 'designs' will be placed under the logo at the end, in a similar font.

  2. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    I get worm vomiting.
  3. ameharhughes

    ameharhughes New Member

    Coz of the orange, was a bad idea

    how about now?
  4. Deadletter

    Deadletter Member

    Agree with Minuteman, even with the blue it still looks like a worm vomiting. The N and V are not obvious, is the any reason for the curves? Otherwise you could get a merged V & N symbol just using a font.
  5. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    Still vomit I'm afraid.
  6. willfu

    willfu Member

    I think this is one of those times where you need to leave the computer and start going back to basics , pen , pencils and paper. This needs to be reworked from stratch as its not working.
  7. graphicbreeze

    graphicbreeze Member

    I don't see the logo????
  8. ameharhughes

    ameharhughes New Member

    Ill upload that one again today around 4pm, but I went back to the drawing board and got 3 for you.


    what do you all think about these 3?

    or maybe better advice on improving the first one, as thats my favourite, but I cant have people thinking 'Vomiting Worm' when they think of me, lol
  9. Kai16

    Kai16 Member

    Hey, yeah like everyone else i'm not into the worm so much xD
    Out of the three you just posted though, the second is my favourite and is more 'readable' than the others. The only thing that I can see wrong at the moment is the 'V' looks kinda like a 'U', which is probably because of the font you've used!
  10. ameharhughes

    ameharhughes New Member

    I didn't use fonts, I could cut the corner on the left and see how that looks, I can see everyone likin the middle now, as it's my third choice, first design being first.
  11. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    The new three are all worlds better than the original that you posted.

    I like the idea behind the first one, but really dislike the font used for the 'Design and Development' subtext. The middle one is alright if you can make it look less like a U as said and, although I like the third one and it is possibly my favourite, there's something about the apparent narrowness of the left side of the V that just looks out of place.

    Much improvement though.
  12. ameharhughes

    ameharhughes New Member

    Many Thanks dedwardp, must of been having a really bad day with the first one. The font on the first of the three, and I should of said before, was to give an idea of the font to use, that was was the only one installed at the time (just had to reinstall windows again ARGH!! cant wait for a Mac) it was called Ink in the Meat.

    The first is my fav, third is next and middle last.
  13. DarrenH

    DarrenH Member


    the type in the first one is horrid and pretty illegible, not to mention the kerning.
    don't design in pink, especially that contrast of pink.
    not in love with any of them but a HUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH improvement on your first one.

    sorry but keep trying!
    maybe do at least 10 then post them (in black and white)
  14. ameharhughes

    ameharhughes New Member


    better, needs neating up obv

    but better?
  15. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Awful font...imagine that printed small on business cards, can hardly read it in the image above.
  16. ameharhughes

    ameharhughes New Member

    changing the font, once ive installed my fonts
  17. DarrenH

    DarrenH Member

    try a font like 'Nevis'

    and also the image is too think and dark.... I dont know it just needs to look alot more modern and less clunky
  18. Ian Bonner

    Ian Bonner Member

    I'll be honest, they look like you are desperately trying to come up with a logo. Why don't you go back to the drawing board, get your fonts installed, and sketch out as many ideas as you can. The problem I think you'll have doing it this way is you'll end up with a logo that you have pushed through and then you'll be stuck with. I can imagine that you have been looking at your font lists and picking ones out that you think will work. It's just forcing the issue.

    Take some time to come up with something that represents you, not a font that you like for the sake of liking it. It has to mean something and represent you and what you are about. Unfortunately the ideas you have come up with look knocked up to get a logo by yesterday. That won't bring in the clients.

    Just take your time and you'll get there. :icon_smile:

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