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Hi! I am a 16 year old who has been making logos for a few years
I've decided to make a design brand, in order to find clients online...
Here's my logo: However, I'm unsure of the font choice and colour scheme
(Also, the logo is just a rough draft and therefore all of the shapes are not cleaned up)



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First of all, why bother posting an unfinished piece of work for us to critique? What's he supposed to be doing? And yes, the font is awful.

Do some research. Google 'harvest logo' to start with. Keep it simple. If you must have a mark, just have an H made from corn, but keep it very simple.

You don't need a brand to find clients, just good examples of work. Your time will be spent better working on other design projects.


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Mind going into some detail about the name? Why "harvest"? What does that word mean to you? Just interested :D

My very first thought was it was a soldier shooting a gun! You might want to make it a bundle of wheat verses a single stalk.

First of all, why bother posting an unfinished piece of work for us to critique?
But wouldn't it save him time to get honest critique now so he can change direction before putting in time to finish it?


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I've decided to make a design brand, in order to find clients online...
Not quite sure it works like this.

I thought the logo looked like an artilleryman with a rammer.

What is harvest design? Is it the name of the business or is it your name with the word 'design' appended?

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My issue with this is you are asking for advice with regards to your logo, yet you are trying to offer logo design as a service. Don't get me wrong I applaud you at 16 for trying to do something for yourself but clearly you are not ready for this now if you cannot answer these questions yourself.


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I think of "Harvest" and I think of gathering, not design.

I use a service called Harvest to track time, jobs, estimates, invoices, etc. as you can see it is gathering all the information to 1 place.

I don't think harvest is the strongest name. And the icon is holding a wheat strand, again adding confusion to the design of the logo, are you harvesting wheat? Are you designing things with wheat? Are you in the design for the agricultural sector?

If the little icon was holding a pencil or pen then it would be a bit more relevant.

I see this way too often on forums - 1 post about a logo development, 1 idea, and it's already drawn on the computer.

Most logo designs start from dozens of pencil sketches. Sketch sketch sketch, come up with 20 different ideas.

Half those - and get 10. Halve again to get 5 that you like.

With those 5 take 2 out that don't work - leaving you with your best 3.

Then and only then take them to the computer - draw them and then ask for advice.

I never like seeing just 1 logo and ask for advice, show me 3 ideas, or 5 or 10 or 20.


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Doesn't say 'design' to me, it says farmer at best.

Personally I think the logo needs to go the other way, going left to me says 'running away'

Don't just use the logo as your brand, it's part of it in a lot of cases but in some cases isn't even needed.

Honestly I think you need to do more concepts with pen and paper before you go down the digital route, you can stifle your creativity if you rely on the 'software' you have access to because you'll only design things based on what you know how to do with said software.


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Thanks for your replies, looking to rename my design name in order to look as presentable as possible

Check my new thread please :)
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