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Creative services pricing app for iOS now in Beta

Discussion in 'Offers Forum:' started by arezendes, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. arezendes

    arezendes New Member

    Greetings fellow creatives –

    I'm a freelance designer based in Austin, TX. One of the things that has frustrated me the most over the years is having to answer the question, "How much would you charge for [blank]?" – with blank being a logo, website, or whatever the person asking happens to need at the time.

    As we all know, pricing depends on several different factors: the size of the client, how much they're willing to spend, if you even want to take the job, etc.. I figured that the best/quickest way to answer the often tough question of telling someone my rates was to develop an app that would do just that. So, I created a little iOS application called Quote Roper. I really like using the app and I think you will too. You can check out the website here:

    Just yesterday Apple approved me to begin to start beta testing it outside my development circle, and I thought it'd be a good opportunity for other designers who want a consistent/easy way to send estimates and/or quotes via email to check it out.

    If you're interested in signing up for the free beta, I'd love to get some feedback on where it is today and how I can improve on it. If anything, you'll be able to see how I've typically billed my projects and hopefully get a sense for what has been working for me as a way to keep myself honest to my rates when people request work.

    Looking forward to hearing from some of you!

    Anthony Rezendes
  2. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    I totally HATE quoting for jobs as a lot of what I do is the ultimate 'piece of string' question.
    Really like the nice flat look of your site and animations.

    I'd be happy to have a go at your Beta. :D
  3. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry, I automatically don't like it as it's only on iOS....

    In my opinion in today's market you should be catering for at least iOS AND Android, while considering windows because you can cover more than just a mobile phone with the current 'modern' apps.
  4. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Agree. Also, why not a web version? Will this be available in future? I hate fiddling with my phone when I have a 27" screen in front of me.
  5. arezendes

    arezendes New Member

    Hey guys –
    While I agree the best approach would be to develop for a larger platform and not strictly iOS, I originally designed the tool for myself. Not only did I want a native app that took advantage of the phone's capabilities (camera, etc), I also wanted to learn about the process of developing for the iOS platform as I have never done that before. @Levi is absolutely right. If it weren't just me and I were a bigger company, perhaps I'd look into broadening the platform. However, my thinking is that I need to fail early and often. Why invest a ton of money in something that could potentially fail? If I develop for all of these platforms I'm putting a ton of skin in the game so far as time/effort/money with no guarantee that it'll pay off. I built for what I had available to me and what I thought would be the best for creative professionals. The people in my circles all use Macs and all have iPhones and, being freelancers, are often on the go, meeting with clients, etc... It seemed a no-brainer that that is were I would start. I realize that use case isn't for everyone. A web version is something I considered @Paul, but I looked at the environment in which the primary persona I was targeting was working (cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.) it seemed to make more sense to be an app. That's not to say that won't change. It's just where I am today. I'm with you guys. I'd love to make this a kickass app for all platforms including web, but for now, for this beta test (really a minimal viable product to test the market), this is where I am.
  6. arezendes

    arezendes New Member

    Oh, and @scotty I sent you an email...
  7. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Are members that contribute getting free lifetime subscription/software? ...Seems fair ;)
    HippySunshine likes this.
  8. arezendes

    arezendes New Member

    I'm with ya Boss! Every beta is a 60 day free, good 'ole boy, non-crippled version for you to mess around with (Yeee-hah!). It's not subscription based, but while you're signed up to the beta, I suppose it's unlimited if I keep pumping out updates prior to the 60 days. I'd be honored for anyone to kick it around for a bit and tell me what they thought...I'm just a guy who had an idea that people might want a design calculator app. That's it. Great idea. I'll try to think of something cool I can do for people who participate.
  9. Inkbot Design

    Inkbot Design New Member

    Seems interesting - how do I check it out?
  10. HippySunshine

    HippySunshine Senior Member

    Snap! Android over here.

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