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Contact us page & IE?


Staff member
I put together a holding page for Emmas website while I work on the real thing but I'm having an issue with the Contact Us page. It uses a free php script I downloaded and tweaked the supplied css to match the site but in Internet Explorer the page shows as the logo with a blue box round it and the contact form is just a big white box. The blue box is easy to put right by adding border:0; into the css but what about the contact form? Any advice would be really useful.

I cant supply a screen shot of the error as I'm on a mac so dont have IE but you can see the page at Glmour | Contact us and this is how it should look



Well-Known Member
It's the iframe that is causing your issue... Actually, let me rephrase that... It is IE that is shit and causing the issue with your iframe. Try adding the statement

to your iframe properties. That is from memory by the way. You might wanna just Google "iframe white background in IE" for a more comprehensive answer but that is the problem anyway. Good old IE huh? :icon_rolleyes:


Staff member
Cheers for that. will give it a shot! (I was just gong to email you at 7am but figured it would be better to post on here rather than go pestering people while they eat their cornflakes. lol)