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Contact form usability feedback.


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Hay as this is technically feedback thought here was the best place to post.
Roger Needle, window cleaners in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham.

I've just been informed that a user couldn't send an email, so they had to phone, but I cant see why?
Any one see why it doesn't work?
Please put test as the message if you try.
If it's because of filters please tell me how easy it is to know a problem occurred.

Also the browser and the version and if it was the Ajax or non Ajax contact form would be great.

A few notes.
I know I've got to shorten code, also put Google analytics in the other day, got to code that properly for strict, after reading a post from Emma, and until I can get my own in. Got to say not impressed, position 13 for main keyword, yeah right. Thank god I'm not following that for metrics. > (

Anyhoo will get round to those when I have a chance. Also know the Ajax doesn't work on IE7. Any other errors you also spot please post. First site that I'm constantly working on when I have time for a family member, no real budget, unless you count love, but I need it working and I can't see it. :(

Cheers for anyone's time it will be appreciated.
Jaz :(


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Worked fine for me Jazz. Although on Safari 4 the radio buttons have moved left and appear over their labels.

Also in firefox 3.5 the navigation background images is 'bumpy' bits a raised a pixel or two every so often..


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Cheers Andy,
Yeah I got your email fine.
Okay wkd, I'll have a look at the safari bug as well I was in a rush to get it up, love doesn't pay the bills, so I'll have a look at any fixes it needs maybe this weekend, need a change from CMS coding. :(

Thanks buddy, much appreciated. :)

Also noticed in Opera the error message is to high on the textarea field, thats added to.


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On another note, the site doesn't work properly without images… might want to look into that considering the varied demographic of users.


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Okay wkd I'll have a look, as I say rush to get it up spot on for noticing it and something I clearly overlooked on this project. Added to the list. Cheers for your time Harry.

I'll wack the improvements in when I get a chance then wack it up to get ripped by one and all. :D


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Did you notice a problem with the contact form?
If not which browser(s) did you try, if you did that is, just so I can discount it.

Cheers for your time.


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Hi Jaz,

Now I'm no expert here but the contact form looks like it's using javascript to me, is it possible that the person who couldn't send an email had their javascript disabled/blocked by an add on (firefox) etc?


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Arr cheers dude, what version are you running?

As heres mine ~

I know why thats doing that actually.
I may have a look at changing it as currently I have no idea why I needed to do it that way, mmm.....:confused:

Very much appreciated thank fella. :angel:


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It should default to Contact Roger Needle today for your free quotation! which is the html version. JS was added afterwards as an enhancement.

But thats not a bad idea, I'll check every link with JS disabled maybe I buggered up 1 of the URL's and it's not pointing to the correct URL.

Nice idea Levi. :)

I'm going through the lot tonight and giving it my final check that I would a paying client as there are a few bugs that I didn't count on. Couple of images buggered up when shortening image sizes that sort of thing, that I would normally pick up on in my final check. But still nothing so far that would explain the problem. I will check that though fella.


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Aww Mac, don't have 1 of them being a geek, so may have to leave that one as PC FireFox looks fine.

Cheers anyway fella, it's still appreciated.


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Hay Tbwcf don't suppose you know of a Firefox mac tool I can use for a PC. As in to see what it looks like in the Firefox browser in Mac but straight from my PC if that makes sense?


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Yeah some kind of magical tool like that. :)
Know any?
Mac till now has not really been on my radar but might as well make it if they is a special thing-e-ma-bob that can show me what it looks like.


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Gold star to renniks, doesn't show Mac though? Or am I missing something?
Do like webwait tool on the second link, will be using that on every page I create now. Spot on fella.

Jaz :up:


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Right the issue is with IE6 on this page ~

You can't select any of the input or textarea tags.

What I have tried locally is ~
# Given each element a background colour to see if anything was over it, nothing is.
# Given each input tag a position of relative and a z index still can't select it.
# Given each input tag a position or absolute and a z index still can't select it.
# Given each input tag a top and bottom margin just incase they were over lapping each other still can't select it.
# Given empty input tags empty value attributes, still can't select it.
# Run it through the validator only flags up 2 errors that being that I haven't added the cols or rows attributes to the textarea tag. As that IMO is wrong and should be done via CSS height and width, and reduces bloat I haven't but that wouldn't effect the fact you can't select it.

Locally I have fixed the minor CSS issues, with IE6, can't fix the Mac CSS issues though but, I just have this left before I re add the JS and fix that in IE and look at the site being non image compatible.

So any one have any ideas at all? :mad: