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Choosing a logo

As you know I building my brand up and my first step in choosing my logo which will represent me and be the house style for my company. This is only a rough copy but I would like some feedback on it I was thinking of maybe putting the design in a circle or something thanks. Btw the text says 'SLAK' my last name



Sean Lee-Amies

No need to double post, you can use the edit post feature to add something in if you forget!
I think it's a good concept, however, the execution is very poor. If you hadn't told me what it says I would have absolutely no idea; it looks like MAX or NAX to me. The whole point of a logo is to clearly communicate who you/your company is, what they're about and the values that they represent.
At the moment I get the impression that you do water colour art - TO THE MAX :D
I would lose the water colour effect, just stick to a block colour for now. Lose the curved edges, keep it straight and above all, work on the lettering so people can actually read it!
Good luck, I look forward to seeing the revision!
Hey Reece,
The text reads "max" to me too. You might think of something cleaner. At small size the logo gets lost; it looks like a mountain with white lines. You can play with the word Slak in many ways. Good luck and keep us updated!
Thanks for your feedback I've thought up some ideas and sketched up some much stronger branding designs, I will post them up as soon as I've finished the drafts