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Cheese Town

I saw this food delivery truck today in York, it had a huge quirky illustration on the side,
basically an urban environment but created with food: the sun a slice of lemon. the buildings- blocks of cheese, a ryevita? bridge with spaggetti railings, broccoli florets for trees etc.
I've seen it once before, and I like it, but have now forgotren the name of the company..
So I am unable to look it up on the internet , and maybe find more examples, who designed it and if there's a name for this style etc.

Anyone help please?

Paul Murray

Staff member
Carl Warner is the illustrator, 'foodscapes' is the term for the style. I worked at a festival as a student and weirdly Carl was there giving a talk about his process. Apparently anything involving fish stinks to high heaven, especially since it takes days or sometimes weeks to complete a piece (especially animation).

@scotty / @hankscorpio – I camembert these cheesy jokes…
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Oh thanks everyone you nailed it.
But really, no need for the saucy cheese jokes.
Isn't assault and buttery againt forum rules.
Please curd your enthusiasm, it not like I was offering a free week in the Stilton hotel for the answer...
Anywhey back on topic

Wonderful, in a way reminds me of:
"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child." - Pablo Picasso