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Charity Print work

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by GingerChris, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. GingerChris

    GingerChris Member

    I am looking into getting some things printed for a small charity event. I will need:

    • 150 Invitations
    • 500 Letterheads
    • 50 Greeting Cards
    • 3 lots of 250 business cards with same design but different contact details

    Please provide best price inclusive of VAT and Delivery.
  2. CYoung

    CYoung Member

    Hi Chris, PM on its way ;)
  3. GingerChris

    GingerChris Member


    Unfortunately I don't think our budget will stretch to your quote, but thank you anyway.

    Still looking for printers!

  4. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator


    How many colours / sides?


  5. GingerChris

    GingerChris Member

    150 Invitations - Full colour, single sided
    500 Letterheads - 2 colour, single sided
    50 Greeting Cards - Full colour, printed on cover and inside
    3 lots of 250 business cards with same design but different contact details - 2 colour, single sided
  6. Pixels Ink

    Pixels Ink Member

    Charities should get their stuff VAT free if they are registered.
  7. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    This is not 100% correct although many people think it to be the case, there are certain reliefs available but in general charities pay VAT like everyone else, further info here:

    HM Revenue & Customs: Charities - VAT - How it affects Charities
  8. Pixels Ink

    Pixels Ink Member

    I ordered custom t-shirts recently for a client and the supplier didn't charge VAT when they found out the client was a charity.

    So I just presumed that it was the same for everything. Obviously not :)
  9. GingerChris

    GingerChris Member

    We aren't registered anyway as we do not legally have to be because of our low turnover rate.

    Many thanks to Minuteman Press who has provided an excellent quote for this. Highly reccomended.
  10. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    Thanks Chris.
    I amaze myself sometimes (but seldom my wife).
  11. GingerChris

    GingerChris Member

    Nice innuendo...

    And no problem =]
  12. theblueballroom

    theblueballroom New Member


    Hi Chris,

    Did you get a quote you are happy with or is this still open to offers?

  13. GingerChris

    GingerChris Member

    I'm very happy with the quote from Minuteman Press, and as I have already declared so, I feel it only courtesy to continue with the transaction.

    I think it is also very unlikely you will beat the quote.

    But thanks anyway =]
  14. CYoung

    CYoung Member

    Glad to see you got it sorted chris :icon_thumbup:
  15. theblueballroom

    theblueballroom New Member

    Glad it is all ok and sorted!


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