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Change Again



I think you should develop the original personally. Not a fan of the second design.. but that just my opinion.

I would realign the original (not to be confused with re-design) just design around what you currently have with style and content :) thats what i'd do :)
Hi Timmo,

I've moved your thread to the Feedback section, hope that's ok.

I'm not a fan of the new design either, and I agree with Chris. I think you should realign the original and try to improve on that. Instead of doing a new design everytime you're not happy, just try to perfect what you have.

Hope that helps in some way.



Senior Member
mmmmmmmmmmmm, I'd consult the drawing board.

Really think about why someones on your site, what are they most likely to want to know?
Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm going to rework my exsisting site instead of making a new one.

Edit: Made a few changes, what does everyone think?


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In all honesty mate in my opinion it looks like a website designed 5 years ago and along the lines of a free template you would get on a website.

Try and think about doing something to make it stand out, be creative and don't rush it, i'm still changing parts of my new one 2 months down the line!


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Neither. Those colours are horrible, if you don't mind me saying. The nav is a bit crap too, keep it creative; that's what you're supposed to be :)


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Still looks like a frontpage template using loads of tables :(

Doesn't portray the web/graphic designer style/design you want i don't think. If web design isn't your strong point couldn't you ask a friend/pay a designer to work with you to get one up?


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I don't want to sound negative... but do you really think that web design is the right way to go for you? What Adam says is true, and I have that impression on most of your other work. This layout looks like it belongs to a restaurant's menu or something...


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Onartis said:
I don't want to sound negative... but do you really think that web design is the right way to go for you?
You sound VERY negative here mate :)

There's always room to learn and grow no matter who you are. I sure as hell couldnt make that site in code. I wouldnt know where to begin.

Have you thought more about the development route alone?


Does superjack have a cape? :lol: or a catchphrase :lol:

Sorry a bit of a digression from the topic at hand :)