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Cancellation from the design end

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by ricklecoat, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. ricklecoat

    ricklecoat Junior Member

    I've got my terms all worked out for if the client cancels a project midway through (who pays what, who owns what, etc). But I'm indecisive about what terms to apply should I wish to cancel the project (either because I've had my legs ripped off, or because the client's a deadbeat arse, or whatever).

    Curious: what terms to others apply to this situation? Do you return the deposit? Charge for time so far (maybe minus a %age to acknowledge inconvenience to the client)?

    Get on a plane and hide in Argentina?
  2. berry

    berry Active Member

    If you check our website out we have our T&C's on there to download, I'm sure we have something on there somewhere that deals with this. Feel to check out if it helps you
  3. ricklecoat

    ricklecoat Junior Member


    Those T&Cs are great, thank. I might purloin bits for my own use if you don't mind; I've been trying to adapt the AIGA standard terms into a more manageable format using less legalese -- if I were a client and the designer dropped the AIGA contract in front of me then, frankly, I would probably befoul myself immediately and flee straight to the offices of a designer who didn't appear to be channelling J Edgar Hoover. Armadillo's are much more manageable and concise.

    Lovely site too, by the way.

    Okay, a related question, raised by your T&C doc...

    Actually, I'll start a new thread for it. There, that's netiquette for you (hate that word).
    Cheers again.

    Edit: here it is:

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