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Birthday Invites

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by charles, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. charles

    charles Senior Member


    It's my dads 50th Birthday in November and he's having a 'Glam Rock' party.

    I am designing some perforated event tickets to be used as invites.

    What comes to mind when you guys hear the word glam rock?

    My Dad's a Bowie fan so was thinking of using the Aladdin Sane cover pic as background image..

    I'm in need of inspiration on this one.

  2. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Queer dudes in latex costumes :p
    Other than that (but still quite obvious): stars, glitter, bright colors
  3. do the Ziggy Stardust pink lightening bolt on it :lol: an instant classic :D
  4. charles

    charles Senior Member

    yeh thats the one im on about, on alladin sane cover
  5. charles

    charles Senior Member

  6. stand corrected :) you could photoshop his face in that style if you have time :lol:
  7. charles

    charles Senior Member

    We must be on same wavelength as I started to do that earlier but the only pic I had was of my dad smiling with his eyes wide open and a bald head...

    My nan has a really cool pic of my dad on his chopper bike, which would be cool but i need to get it off her and scan it in
  8. ch3tzy

    ch3tzy Senior Member

    :mad: gradient used on the type a pre-set one.. so wouldnt be hard to create that part anyway...just put your dads name .. look forward to seeing the end design..

    Attached Files:

  9. charles

    charles Senior Member

    I was only really planning on using the pic of bowies face and using a different typeface for other details as a lot of writing to do.
  10. ch3tzy

    ch3tzy Senior Member

    ahh ok, soz jumped the gun..anyway still look forward to seeing end product if you upload on here..
  11. xxmissbirdyxx

    xxmissbirdyxx Senior Member

    Ooo Oo! I had this painted on my face for a fashion show i was in :D


    Woo :D lol
  12. LOL that cape looks like a massive chunk of insulation :)
  13. xxmissbirdyxx

    xxmissbirdyxx Senior Member

    Haha it was foam of somesort lol :s
  14. yeah it looks very foam like :) reminds me of my sisters course at college on Fashion and Textiles.. she had loads of these things going on .. was a bit crazy.

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