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Best mouse for design (and casual gaming)

Hey folks,

My old trusty MS Intellimouse 3.0 has just died on me. RIP :cry:

So I'm in need of a new mouse, and was wondering if you guys could give me some recommendations? I'm right handed so it doesn't have to be an ambidextrous one. I'd like one that is good for design and causal gaming, and will be comfortable even after many hours in front of the computer.

My budget is a about £40.

Ooh..That looks nice and comfy. Good size as well (I've got the biggest hands in the world :)). Price is good also.

Thanks for the recommendation Chris. Much appreciated.:up:
glenwheeler said:
Wireless?...I would'nt go down that road tbh...
Ahh..Didn't spot that. No I don't like wireless. I don't find them as responsive for gaming (I play mostly FPS's online so I need accuracy and quick response)


hmmm well there is a wired version of the same mouse.. I will try to find the link :)


Senior Member
Ah ok, yeh I agree for FPS they arent the best :)

thought there might be a design related flaw in them.

(I use my touchpad for all mouse work)
renniks said:
What's wrong with wireless mouses?
I dont like spending half my life recharging them...

Also I don't know very many people who design with the mouse pad, how many do? I have always used a wired Optical Mouse...