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Basic logo for a gaming community

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Hi guys,

I am currently creating a website for our community and require a logo as my graphic design skills are some what limited.

Im after something similar to:
Extreme Sport Rooster | Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration | iStockphoto.com
(but i would like something original)

Dont require any text, background images etc

I can offer either web design services or cash in return.

If anyone is interested, please get in touch with a price guide. Bare in mind we are not a profitable organisation so we cant offer large sums of money.

Hi Tom,

I wouldn't describe the illustration you have linked to as basic, I would suggest you use an illustrator rather than a graphic designer. Also I don't this can be done that cheaply, think people may take you up on the design service though.

Good luck,

Hi Craig, thanks the advice.

As i say knowledge of graphics and illustrations is limited, so if anyone would like to give me a quote for an image of a similar quality to the one in my first post, and maybe a quote for a more basic illustration, that would be great.
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