Bad Logo/Graphic Design that makes it on to our TV screens


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Hello All, Whilst watching TV over the festive period I have been seeing some shocking branding being placed onto our TV Screens. So thought it would be a fun thread to show the "Don'ts" of design.

This logo was seen whilst watching 'prime time' TV



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Wow. That would be the first place I would take my car back to! I have seen several bad ones, but mainly on the road looking at trucks passing by with these huge pale coloured logos.... *facepalm*


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Here's a couple:
You might of seen the TV ad's for Gum Tree

And this glitch in the Lost intro always bothered me. Why didn't they fix it?



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I have recently just watched lost and I noticed that too, I thought it was done on purpose? Was thinking it maybe something to do with them being stuck in a parallel universes or something and a glitch in time - was defiantly over thinking things :) That program messed with your head enough.

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I can't see the glitch in the Lost intro? :( Haha. Bad eyes. Only watched the first season of the show, season 2 seemed to just repeat everything that happened in season 1.


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It's probably time Gumtree had a long look at their logo. More people are using it as a viable alternative to eBay these days and it just deserves something nice and simple and modern instead of the gradient-laden thing it has now.