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Backup Solutions


Staff member
Looking for backup solutions - two people working on a Mac.

Our system I feel is a bit antiquated - so looking to refresh the backup systems.

Just to note - cloud backup is not an option as the internet is too slow for the large files we produce.

Current System
Burn DVDs
Copy files to attached USB drive 1
Back up drive 1 to drive 2 using Bounceback - which is gone out of business

Need to incremental backups of work folders.
Backup of the sign off folder on a server.

Currently we backup to the USB drives using time machine too.

Basically looking for something that runs on 10.4 or later mac - to replace bounceback.

Stationery Direct

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Get a Synology NAS, I have one in the office, 2 x 2TB drives in RAID 1, can't fault it.

Some files and folders we share directly from the NAS, connection is wired or wireless as it is connected to the router.

Other stuff on local machines back-up automatically to the drive daily.

Obviously in RAID 1 you have a copy of the one drive so if one goes down you are covered, click a button to take out and replace a drive.

Weekly I back-up automatically to a Verbatim Hard Drive, just to be extra sure although you can set-up the NAS to back-up to cloud storage or similar which is pretty cool if you get a decent connection sometime.


Staff member
http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/threads/backup-storage-procedures.11792/ :p

Get a synology nas (I have them too) but I'd go no less than 4 drive bays, if you use synology's custom raid you can add drives later so as to spread the cost and hard drive batch numbers to reduce risk although start with minimum of 2 and I'd say 3/4TB is best bang per buck these days. You can then use it with apples time machine and also for straight up backups, depending on the model you can also use it for vpn, ftp server, mobile phone sync backups and even web/email servers.

As to software for the mac... not sure I don't use one but I think synology has an app for backup which is for mac as well as windows.