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Aspiring Artists Logo [Facebook Group]

I just did this logo for my newly created facebook group.

A group for artists, web-, and graphic designers to share their thoughts and useful links, share their work and get feedback - The group is open for anyone to join.
Should anyone be interested, then it can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/338469136184276/

Anyways enough advertising about it, as it was not why i posted it here. - What i'm interested in is the feedback for it (nod) I created it with a vision for an easily recognizable logo, with the arrow symbolizing how the members (hopefully) rise in skill and hopefully get known


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I quite like it, but the arrow is too dominant for me, like it's too much for the A's to handle.
Also, one A seems bigger than the other. Would it still work if the arrow was going through the middle of the two?
Thanks for the feedback :)
I have been tweaking it a bit, but tried to keep the base idea.

Not sure how it came out, but put it up for feedback in the actual group itself as well.
I agree with Wardy's comments above, as the original arrow was far too heavy for the logo. Your tweaking has created a much better logo. If, however I was tweaking it, I would lose the arrow on the left slope and I would drop the vertical lines in the centre downwards as you already have an arrow in the shape of the A's. Hope that makes sense.
I like designsofhope’s design the best, the others just seem a bit too short and wide for me. Do the other members of the group like it as well Fredskov? You could always run a poll and ask current members what they prefer.