Article Submit, which website is best?

Ive recently started doing some website SEO work for a client and as part of this i want to submit a few articles ive wrote (with linking keywords included).
Anyone know which article submit site is the best? ive submitted to and Free Articles at Amazines.Com - Author Publishing and Free Article Database but im wondering if their any better ones that people on here have used?

Would even consider a paid service if it was low cost and worth it.

Any website suggestions?
Your best bet is to find article sites in your niche if possible if not the others have suggested some good options.

To do this correctly and get the best value the article should be hosted on your site first with a link back to the article when you syndicate it out.

You will find that people will steal the article from you (without crediting you for it) and the above measure provides you with links and tells google that your site has the original version.


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When you do pick one just check whether the back links are not 'no follow' and remember when you create a new article it won't have a page rank at first. If it's a good article then it will get page rank as people link to it.

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What happens with article sites? Is it where you submit your articles for people to use?
Can you use other peoples too?
To be honest they are just a way of publishing a page of content about a certain product with keyword links back into your own website to the specific page in question, just a way of building links in.

It is beneficial but time consuming so we just pay people to do it...

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Yeah they just sit there but if the article is interesting then Newspapers/Reporters and the like sometimes get in touch for quotes/info when they are publishing something on topic.

I'll be honest I am no expert on this and only look at them from an SEO benefit point of view.

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So do they just live there on a big database? Or do people take them and post them up on their own sites?
I've heard some people say they're great for finding content for you own blogs. Some people probably take them and just copy + paste to their own site. Others will use the post as inspiration and write their own. And some other people may do a bit of both and use software to 'spin' the content into something 'unique'.

I've written a couple of articles that are outside of my blog niche (they focussed more on blogging) and submitted them to an article site. Last time I checked they'd had maybe 20 views between them, so I'm thinking of taking them down and rewriting them for use on my own blog.
articles and seo

you submit your article to ezines

it goes on their site with a link back to your site.

ezines is used by many sites as a "feed" to their sites so it appears on their sites - more backlinks.

sometimes your article also appears on main pages of sites (google juice)

its about marketing and seo

ezines are quite strict about the format and quality if the articles.