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Armadillo new website

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by berry, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. berry

    berry Active Member

    Busy putting the finishing touches to the new website. Some imagery missing etc.
    Would like some opinions for me ( I have cleared a space in my wastebasket for all your comment!)
    I'm interested in your overall feedback of the feel/tone and strategy of the site.
    Please be aware I have a very fast care a nice set of streak knives and I WILL find you..;)

    It hasn't been thoroughly tested yet or copyproofed etc currently being done now - Will go live late this week and replace the old site

    Armadillo Creative
  2. Chris Lord

    Chris Lord Senior Member

    I prefer this to version two, although it has less personality! A few small points for me would be:

    - Moving the social icons as initially I associated them with the button 'Resources' (well, I didn't notice that it was part of the navigation until I ended up on that page!)

    - Small thing but maybe make the black on roll-over a little darker. Some images it's hard to read the small blurb.

    - I feel there is a little too much kerning in your main intro text.

    - I think the footer might look a bit more balanced if you took 'Services' into two columns maybe...

    - I don't like not having an easy to find contact page. If I was looking through your services or packages and then decided I wanted to contact you - then you're relying on either the footer details or the user remembering the contact link on the homepage.

    I think that's all I've got! It's a nice looking site, although pretty busy on the homepage. Not sure how the 'business packages' will work for you?! I guess it may save you some time quoting!!
  3. Chris Lord

    Chris Lord Senior Member

    I was just clicking through your portfolio, and then that lovely message box came up. After I clicked it, the bastard crashed Safari! ha I found the message funny, not sure if everyone will.
  4. berry

    berry Active Member

    Thanks Chris.
    1. lovely message is just internal banter and will be removed.
    2. Contact on package pages will be looked at.
    3. We decided to remove the people and 'personality' element and concentrate on the packages as at the end of the day everyone wants an idea of costs, so we thought we'd be upfront with guide prices and make a feature, just like Retailers would.

    cheers for the input. No steak knife for you
  5. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    I'm just going to say it now.... windows 8/phone 7 obviously gave a fair bit of inspiration for the home page images :p

    I also wanted to pull and slide it across the screen (mootools has a script that shows the sort of thing I mean) as I didn't really see the 'buttons' on the side at first.

    Also think it lacks a little of the armadillo personality, you current site has bits about the staff and that kind of gives an insight into the type of people you'd be working with etc.

    I agree that it's weird not having a link to the contact info even though you've got a telephone number there...
  6. berry

    berry Active Member

    ...sharpens steak knife for Levi...........

    contact is getting addresses as we speak.

    I got overuled with the personality bit. We had a complete new site before this ready to go, but I over complicated everything especially on the personality side. So after fighting and not speaking we agreed to keep it very simple
    and sparce.
  7. Chris Lord

    Chris Lord Senior Member

    It will be interesting to see how it works for you. I guess your direction with the site will appeal to a certain type of customer over others because of the 'serious business tone' over the 'fun creative types'. You're open pricing could work both ways, scaring off smaller clients (which you may want to do anyway), also limiting your opportunity to add a little extra if the client can afford it!

    On the other hand, the clients that contact you through looking at your site, will be aware of the costs and willing to pay them, filtering out any time wasters!
  8. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Don't worry, you can sink your teeth into my site when I get it finished and put it up for a review :up:
  9. berry

    berry Active Member

    We rarely do any web stuff under £2k, so while their is a market for those sites, I've found it's really hard getting paid off these people - they want everything for nothing, require a lot of hand holding and absorb a lot of time. - and still are never happy!
  10. Romack

    Romack Senior Member

    Looking good i'd say.

    Social icons could be moved somewhere a bit more user friendly, and rollovers would help distinguish them as clickable.

    My only gripe is that the footer area looks 'tacked on' - maybe bring in elements such as the dotted dividers, a bit of a drop shadow under the white, and rollover colours for the links for UX.

    The 'what we do section' has a big gap in the side menu... may be Safari being a nugget. Also you could make more of the images for each section you click on, the swiss knife is big and uses the space well, whereas when you click through to a section, the images seem a little dainty and there's a big bit of white space on the right.

    I think that's my twenty pence worth :)
  11. berry

    berry Active Member

    @ Romack
    1. social icons have just been discussed as I'm not too convinced it hasn't been underplayed too
    2.footer I agree.
    3. What we do big gap is to accomodate the concertina type rolldown
    4. I agree too. in the swiss knife sections - some pages work and some look a bit thin.

    Twenty pence well spent. cheers
  12. tim

    tim Senior Member

    amazing step up.

    loving the instructional videos on what your services actually mean.

    the video about marketing essentials is quite poorly dubbed tho, the audio seems to be out of sync with the sock puppets, and when there's a little explosion noise in the background, the audio pretty much disappears.

    but love how it looks.

    do agree with romack on rollover colour changes on social media icons too :)
  13. DWildish

    DWildish Member

  14. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    I like the Swiss Armadillo Knife :up:
  15. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    There's a knife ban in North Shields.
  16. rossnorthernunion

    rossnorthernunion Senior Member


    The initial portfolio slider is nice - overstates nice - but doesn't click through to anywhere - if i wanted to more about a particular project all i get is a lightbox image. I'm not too keen on the 'price and package' idea, but thats your choice. I also think it lacks that personal touch. Your last version had some personal interaction, which i felt was nice and reassuring. Feels kinda like a 'off the shelf' shop now. I'm not too fond of the army knife either, position of text looks a bit random and disjointed.

    Thats just my opinion.

    I'm not too fond of your steak knives either...
  17. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Berry got the steak knife sharpened for my windows 8 comment, so they're already sharpened and ready... you're also a bit closer than me :p
  18. berry

    berry Active Member

    Yeh, there all busy sticking out of peoples backs at the minute.

    Thanks for all the comments.

    Busy tweaking, amending and tidying things up at then minute.
  19. berry

    berry Active Member

    Decided not to put much info on projects as client feedback on our last sites was they never read much, more took a quick visual opinion of the company, work and quality without too much depth.- just "show me the work' ethos.

    Army knife is very cliched, but my squidgy octopus made people sick!!!

    Analytics showed the most viewed pages on our last sites were the work and services - hence the removal of people.... also I run the risk of getting our staff poached and them feeling that they should all have pay rises and directorships! Gotta keep the labour breaking rocks in the field!
  20. Hi Berry, I decided that I woudln't actually review it till you finished making tweaks :) that way less of a chance of a knife in the back LOL :p

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