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Apple Mac equipment, any help much appreciated?


Junior Member
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to invest into a mac, I've always had a PC but it's time to get one :) and if you could email any suggestions or recommendation where to get one from at a good rate that'll be great, pretty please? (nod)

Or if you could provide me with a spec that you're working with again very much appreciated :D

Need it to handle Adobe Creative Suite CS4/5, software Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver aka the whole lot really.

I'm thinking at least 8GB RAM or that too small? Any expert recommend on the processors/graphics card required?

Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards


Senior Member
My iMac only has 3gb as well, I don't think there was anything better at the time when I bought it. There was an update shortly after I bought it, so fail for me :(


Well-Known Member
I recently upgraded my iMac to 3GB and it zips along with Photoshop, Illustrator, iTunes, Safari, and a bunch of other things all running at once.


Senior Member
I just got the 21" entry level imac with 4gb RAM and it easily handles everything you will be running.

Recently had a photoshop file 700 MB and didn't give me any hassle.

BTW John Lewis offer 2 years free warranty, and they are slightly cheaper than buying direct from Apple.