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Any recommendations for reseller hosting?


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After the recent shit storm of events that occurred at the Heart / 123Reg / Webfusion/HEG datacentre (https://www.heartinternet.uk/blog/), I'm seriously considering my options regarding the host I use for my clients sites.
Whilst I was one of the lucky ones (all my sites were back up within a few hours), many others (especially VPS/Hybrid/DS customers) are still facing issues now.

I seem to remember a lot less issues before they moved from Node4 to their own datacentre, and ultimately I need to keep my clients best interests in mind, so if any of you can recommend (from first-hand experience) a good reseller host, it'd be appreciated:)
I've heard TSOHost and UK2 mentioned a few times, although (as with most things) the reviews online can be anything from 'Terrible' to 'Brilliant', so not a great help.

Stationery Direct

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I have been with UK2 with a dedicated server for many years now, any issues over the years have been dealt with quickly by technical support. For me and my needs they have been brilliant and I genuinely cannot fault them.


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Thanks for your input Boss. - I'll hopefully have some time in the next few days to have a proper look at their services/features.
I just noticed that UK2 also provide for Link Removed (Levi - Moderator) too, who have always been very reliable and fast for me, so that's another bonus point for them too:+)
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